Self-Incompatibility in Flowering Plants - Evolution, Diversity, and Mechanisms

Edited by Vernonica E. Franklin-Tong 
Springer  August 2008  

Hardcover  314 pp  ISBN 9783540684855      £139.00
Great progress has been made in our understanding of pollen-pistil interactions and self-incompatibility (SI) in flowering plants in the last few decades. This book covers a broad spectrum of research into SI, with accounts by internationally renowned scientists. It comprises two sections: Evolution and Population Genetics of SI and Molecular and Cell Biology of SI Systems

The reader will gain an insight into the diversity and complexity of these polymorphic cell-cell recognition and rejection systems. Heteromorphic and homomorphic SI systems and our current understanding of the evolution and phylogeny of these systems, based on the most recent molecular sequence data, are covered. Further, the book presents major advances in our knowledge of the pistil and pollen S-determinants and other unlinked components involved in SI, as well as the apparently diverse cellular regulatory mechanisms utilised to ensure inhibition of "self" pollen.

Contains a comprehensive glossary with all relevant terms relating to SI - an invaluable resource, not only for beginners in the field.

Written for researchers, lecturers, advanced students, and plant breeders


Part I Evolution and Population Genetics of Self-Incompatibility

  • New Insights on Heterostyly: Comparative Biology, Ecology and Genetics , S.C.H. Barrett and J.S. Shore
  • Genetic and Environmental Causes and Evolutionary Consequences of Variations in Self-Fertility in Self Incompatible Species , S.V. Good-Avila, J.I. Mena-Ali, and A.G. Stephenson
  • On the Evolutionary Modification of Self-Incompatibility: Implications of Partial Clonality for Allelic Diversity and Genealogical Structure , M. Vallejo-Marin and M.K. Uyenoyama
  • Evolution and Phylogeny of Self-Incompatibility Systems in Angiosperms , A.M. Allen and S.J. Hiscock
  • What Genealogies of S-alleles Tell Us , J.R. Kohn
  • Self-Incompatibility and Evolution of Mating Systems in the Brassicaceae , S. Sherman-Broyles and J.B. Nasrallah

Part II Molecular and Cell Biology of Self-Incompatibility Systems

  • Milestones Identifying Self-Incompatibility Genes in Brassica Species: From Old Stories to New Findings , M. Watanabe, G. Suzuki, and S. Takayama
  • 'Self' Pollen Rejection Through the Intersection of Two Cellular Pathways in the Brassicaceae: Self-Incompatibility and the Compatible Pollen Response , M.A. Samuel, D. Yee, K.E. Haasen, and D.R. Goring
  • Molecular Biology of S-RNase-Based Self-Incompatibility , Y. Zhang and Y. Xue
  • Comparing Models for S-RNase-Based Self-Incompatibility , B. McClure
  • Self-Incompatibility in Papaver Rhoeas: Progress in Understanding Mechanisms Involved in Regulating Self-Incompatibility in Papaver , V.E. Franklin-Tong
  • Molecular Genetics of Sporophytic Self-Incompatibility in Ipomoea, a Member of the Convolvulaceae , Y. Kowyama, T. Tsuchiya, and K. Kakeda
  • Self-Incompatibility in the Grasses , P. Langridge and U. Baumann
  • Heteromorphic Self-Incompatibility in Primula: Twenty-First Century Tools Promise to Unravel a Classic Nineteenth Century Model System , A. McCubbin


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