The Loom of Life - Unravelling Ecosystems

M Schilthuizen 
Springer  September 2008  

Hardcover  168 pp  ISBN 9783540680512      £45.00
How can thousands of tree species coexist in a patch of tropical rainforest where there seem to be just a handful of niches? Why does biodiversity boom at the equator and plummet at the poles? Questions like these are central to modern ecology, where the gap between the familiar "niche" and the staggering (but sharply decreasing) global biodiversity seems to become ever wider. This book helps students and the general reader to bridge that gap, by tip-toeing from the smallest to the largest ecosystems.

Written for scientists, interested laypersons, graduates


  • Life in little worlds
  • Leaky buckets
  • Hidden Riches
  • No Niche Like Home
  • Neutral by Nature
  • In Spendid Isolation
  • Ecology of Wildcards
  • The Loom of Life


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