Biological Invasions in Marine Ecosystems - Ecological, Management, and Geographic Perspectives

Edited by Rilov, Gil; Crooks, Jeffrey A. 
Springer  January 2009  

Hardcover  642 pp  ISBN 9783540792352      £186.00
Biological invasions are considered to be one of the greatest threats to the integrity of most ecosystems on earth. This volume explores the current state of marine bioinvasions, which have been growing at an exponential rate over recent decades. Focusing on the ecological aspects of biological invasions, it elucidates the different stages of an invasion process, starting with uptake and transport, through inoculation, establishment and finally integration into new ecosystems. Basic ecological concepts - all in the context of bioinvasions - are covered, such as propagule pressure, species interactions, phenotypic plasticity, and the importance of biodiversity. The authors approach bioinvasions as hazards to the integrity of natural communities, but also as a tool for better understanding fundamental ecological processes.

Important aspects of managing marine bioinvasions are also discussed, as are many informative case studies from around the world.

Written for researchers, environmental managers, and advanced students


Section I Perspectives on Marine Invasions

  • Marine Bioinvasions: Conservation Hazards and Vehicles, for Ecological Understanding , Gil Rilov and Jeffrey A Crooks
  • Deep Invasion Ecology and the Assembly of Communities, in Historical Time , James T Carlton
  • Natural and Climate Change Mediated Invasions , Steve I Lonhart
  • Modeling Marine Invasions: Current and Future Approaches , Marjorie J Wonham and Mark A Lewis

Section II Invader Arrival

  • Characterizing Vectors of Marine Invasion , Dan Minchin, Stephan Gollasch, Andrew N Cohen,, Chad L Hewitt, and Sergej Olenin
  • The Vessel as a Vector - Biofouling, Ballast Water, and Sediments , Chad L Hewitt, Stephan Gollasch, and Dan Minchin
  • The Role of Propagule Pressure in Invasion Success , Emma L Johnston, Richard F Piola, and Graeme F Clark,
  • Differentiating Successful and Failed Invaders:, Species Pools and the Importance of Defi ning Vector,, Source and Recipient Regions , A Whitman Miller and Gregory M Ruiz

Section III Invader Establishment

  • The Establishment of Invasive Species , Jeffrey A Crooks and Gil Rilov
  • The Role of Phenotypic Plasticity in Marine Biological, Invasions , L David Smith
  • Escape from Parasites , Mark E Torchin and Kevin D Lafferty
  • Ecological Factors Affecting Community Invasibility , Suzanne V Olyarnik, Matthew ES Bracken, Jarrett E Byrnes,, A Randall Hughes, Kristin M Hultgren, and John J Stachowicz,

Section IV Invader Integration into Ecosystems

  • The Integration of Invasive Species into Marine Ecosystems , Gil Rilov
  • Competition in Marine Invasions , James E Byers
  • Predator-Prey Interactions of Marine Invaders , Gil Rilov
  • The Role of Exotic Marine Ecosystem Engineers , Jeffrey A Crooks
  • Multitrophic Effects of Invasions in Marine, and Estuarine Systems , Edwin D Grosholz and Gregory M Ruiz, ,

Section V Management Perspectives

  • Marine Bioinvasion Management: Structural Framework , Chad L Hewitt, Richard A Everett, Naomi Parker,, and Marnie L Campbell
  • Examples of Current International, Regional and National, Regulatory Frameworks for Preventing and Managing, Marine Bioinvasions , Chad L Hewitt, Richard A Everett, and Naomi Parker
  • An Overview of Risk Assessment in a Marine, Biosecurity Context , Marnie L Campbel
  • Differing Consequences of Removing Ecosystem-Modifying, Invaders: Signifi cance of Impact and Community Context, to Restoration Potential , Sally D Hacker and Megan N Dethier

Section VI Geographic Perspectives

  • Geographic Perspectives of Invasions in the Sea , Jeffrey A Crooks and Gil Rilov
  • The Status and Distribution of Marine Alien Species, in South Africa , Charles L Griffiths, Tamara B Robinson, and Angela Mead
  • Marine Invasions in New Zealand: A History of Complex, Supply-Side Dynamics , Barbara J Hayden, Graeme J Inglis, and David R Schiel
  • Marine Bioinvasions in Australia , Cathryn Sliwa, Sasha Migus, Felicity McEnnulty,, and Keith R Hayes
  • Marine Bioinvasions in the Southeastern Pacifi c: Status,, Ecology, Economic Impacts, Conservation and Management , Juan C Castilla and Paula E Neill
  • Marine Bioinvasions in the Brazilian Coast: Brief Report, on History of Events, Vectors, Ecology, Impacts and Management, of Non-indigenous Species , Carlos Eduardo Leite Ferreira, Andrea de Oliveira Ribeiro Junqueira,, Maria Célia Villac, and Rubens Mendes Lopes
  • Four Centuries of Biological Invasions in Tidal Waters, of the Chesapeake Bay Region , Paul W Fofonoff, Gregory M Ruiz, Anson H Hines,, Brian D Steves, and James T Carlton
  • Introduced Aquatic Species of the North Sea Coasts, and Adjacent Brackish Waters , Stephan Gollasch, Deniz Haydar, Dan Minchin, Wim J Wolff,, and Karsten Reise
  • European Enclosed and Semi-enclosed Seas , Erkki Leppäkoski, Tamara Shiganova, and Boris Alexandrov, Marine Bioinvasions in the Mediterranean Sea -
  • History,, Distribution and Ecology , Gil Rilov and Bella Galil, A First Assessment of Invasive Marine Species on Chinese, and Korean Coasts , Kyung S Seo and Yoon Lee,
  • Invasions of Estuaries vs the Adjacent Open Coast:, A Global Perspective , Rikke K Preisler, Kerstin Wasson, Wim J Wolff,, and Megan C Tyrrell,

Section VII Concluding Thoughts,

  • Future Directions For Marine Invasions Research , Jeffrey A Crooks and Gil Rilov

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