Advances in Haploid Production in Higher Plants

Edited by Touraev, Alisher; Forster, Brian P.; Jain, S. Mohan 
Springer  January 2009  

Hardcover  348 pp  ISBN 9781402088537      £140.00
The discovery of haploid Datura plants in 1964 initiated great excitement in plant breeding and genetics communities. Recent years have witnessed a resurgence of activities especially in developing protocols, identifying genes and mechanisms and large scale commercial take up.

The identification of controlling genes has driven functional genomic studies which now dovetail with studies in gene expression, metabolism and changes in cell ultra-structure. World wide take up by plant breeders has been no less impressive, and valuable haploid technologies are increasingly patent protected. The intense activity in haploid research has also resulted in unexpected findings with novel applications.

The core of this book is based on the international symposium on "Haploidy in Higher Plants III", (Vienna 2006), which attracted top international experts in the field. Other invited contributions have been included to provide a rounded view of activities. The book covers topics in: Historical Overviews; Basic Biology; Genetics; Biotechnology; Breeding and Novel Applications. It therefore will appeal to undergraduate students,researchers and small and large scale commercial biotechnology companies.

Written for undergraduate students, researchers, plant breeders and other biotechnology companies


  • Progress in doubled haploid technology in higher plants.
  • Doubled haploids via gynogenesis.
  • Overview of barley doubled haploid production.
  • Production of doubled haploids in brassica.
  • An overview on tobacco doubled haploids.
  • An overview of triticale doubled haploids.
  • Patents and haploid plants.
  • Gene expression profiling of microspore embryogenesis in Brassica napus.
  • Expression profiles in barley microspore embryogenesis.
  • Proteomics in rapeseed microspore embryogenesis.
  • Programmed cell death and microspore embryogenesis.
  • Albinism in microspore culture.
  • Doubled haploids in breeding winter oilseed rape.
  • Anther culture derived doubled haploids in oat.
  • Barley and wheat doubled haploids in breeding.
  • Rice doubled haploids and breeding.
  • Potato haploids and breeding.
  • Current status of doubled haploids in medicinal plants.
  • Microspore embryogenesis in selected medicinal and ornamental species of the Asteraceae.
  • Carrot doubled haploids.
  • Haploids and doubled haploids in fruit trees.
  • Haploidy in Tef:Gynogenesis Androgenesis.
  • A novel and reversible male sterility system using targeted inactivation of glutamine synthetase and doubled haploidy.
  • Embryogenic pollen culture: a promising target for genetic transformation.
  • Immature pollen as a target for gene targeting.
  • Induction of semi-dwarf, salt tolerant rice mutants from a tall salt tolerance indica landrace.
  • Chromosome doubling in monocots.
  • Tracking gene and protein expression during microspore embryogenesis by Confocal laser scanning microscopy
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