Nucleating agents

RAPRA  November 2007  

Paperback  132 pp  ISBN 9781847350831      £85.00
The purpose of this review is to provide information on the development of materials and methods for influencing the nucleation of polymer crystallization in commercial processing by means of addition of low levels (generally between about 0.01 and 1 wt%) of adjuvants specifically selected for this purpose.

Nucleating agents are added to provide the user with some degree of control over this initiation of crystallization; the addition of a nucleating agent to a polymer melt results, on cooling, in the appearance of a substantial increase in heterogeneous nucleation and thus a reduction in the size of crystalline structures. This report provides current information on a range of potential nucleating agents including organic acid derivatives, sorbitol derivatives, phosphorus-containing species, and inorganics. The appendices provide useful chemical structures and representative examples of commercially available nucleating agents.

This report provides a succinct presentation of the initial and recent developments in the field of nucleating agents, on which future research in this area can be developed. The review is accompanied by around 400 abstracts compiled from the Polymer Library, to facilitate further reading on this subject. A subject index and a company index are included.


  • Background;
  • Introduction
  • Additives
  • Inorganics
  • Polymers and oligomers
  • Organic acid derivatives - Early developments
  • Sorbitol derivatives and their analogues
  • Phosphorus-containing species
  • Organic acid derivatives - Later developments
  • Miscellaneous
  • beta-nucleators
  • Conclusion
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