Forest Management and Planning

Pete Bettinger, Kevin Boston, Jacek Siry and Donald L. Grebner 
Academic Press  January 2009  

Hardcover  350 pp  ISBN 9780123743046      £57.00
  • Real-life examples illustrated mathematically and graphically
  • End-of-chapter questions
  • Modern coverage of the planning and management of US Forest timber production
  • Instructors Web site with access to geographic databases, solutions and illustrations
  • Case study analysis
  • Expansive applications drawn for examples in the western US, the Lake States, the northeastern US, the southern US and Canada
  • Detailed descriptions of models and solution methods for integrating a variety of wildlife habitat constraints

This book provides a focused understanding of contemporary forest management issues through real life examples to engage students. The methodology for the development of quantitatively-derived forest management plans - from gathering information to the implementation of plans at the forest level - are explicit explained. Emphasis is placed on the development of the traditional commodity production forest plans using linear programming, the development of alternative forest plans, and problem resolution in planning.

The authors have developed this book based on their personal experience in teaching forest management courses and the review of ten forestry programs (Auburn University, University of Georgia, Iowa State University, Louisiana State University, Northern Arizona University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania S tate University, University of Florida, Virginia Tech, and Oregon State University). The integration of extended case studies of a variety of scenarios as well as the inclusion of a section on report writing will engage students. Acknowledgement and integration of various software packages for forest management provide the most useful tools for those studying forest management and distinguish this book from the competition.

Of interest to students of Forest Management - primarily an upper-level course in forestry, and natural resource management, wildlife, and recreation programs


Introduction Management of Forests

Part I Valuation of Forest Conditions Geographic Information Estimation and Projection of Stand and Forest Conditions

Part II Optimization of Stand-level Objectives Graphical Solution Techniques for Two-variable Linear Problems Linear Programming Advanced Forest Planning Techniques

Part III Forest and Natural Resource Sustainability Models of Desired Forest Structure Control Techniques for Commodity Production and Wildlife Objectives Spatial Restrictions in Forest Management Planning Part IV The Forestry Supply Chain Hierarchical System for Planning and Scheduling of Industrial Operations Certification and Carbon Accounting

Appendix A: Databases and Prescriptions for Problems
Appendix B: Simplex Method
Appendix C: Reporting Methods

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