Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance

Edited by Jane Parker 
Wiley - Blackwell  2008  

Hardcover  400 pp  ISBN 9781405175326      £140.00
In recent years, our understanding of the mechanisms involved in a plant's resistance to attack by disease, has seen major advances.

Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance provides cutting edge reviews of each of the major aspects of the subject . It includes contributions from many of the world's leading researcher in the area. Coverage includes the evolution of plant-virus interactions and plant resistance loci, the role of plant secondary metabolites, plant systemic resistance, oomycete genomics, intracellular immune receptors, transcriptional reprogramming, fungal biotrophy, chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions, bacterial Type III effectors and host perception of PAMPs

This book will be of interest to all those involved in plant-pathogen interactions including plant and agricultural scientists, molecular biologists and microbiologists.


1. A personal perspective of the last 40 years of Plant Pathology: emerging themes, paradigm shifts and future promise., Michele C. Heath.

2. Pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMP) and PAMP-triggered immunity., Thorsten Nurnberger and Birgit Kemmerling.

3. Pseudomonas syringae type III-secreted proteins and their activities and effects on plant innate immunity., Byeong-ryool Jeong, Karin van Dijk and James R. Alfano,.

4. Establishment of fungal and oomycete biotrophy., Mark de Jong and Guido van den Ackerveken.

5. Genome biology cracks enigmas of oomycete plant pathogens., Klaas Bouwmeester, Pieter M.J.A. van Poppel and Francine Govers.

6. Plant-virus interactions: Defence and counter-defence., Mathew Lewsey, Peter Palukaitis and John Carr.

7. Marshalling the troops: Intracellular dynamics in plant-pathogen defence., Kristoffer Palma, Marcel Wiermer and Xin Li.

8. Role of plant secondary metabolites at the host-pathogen interface., Pawel Bednarek & Paul Schulze-Lefert.

9. Chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions., Axel Mithofer , Wilhelm Boland and Massimo E. Maffei.

10. Lipid signals in plant- pathogen interactions., Jyoti Shah and Ratnesh Chaturvedi.

11. Induced resistance - orchestrating defence machanisms through cross-talk and priming., Sjoerd van der Ent, Juriaan Ton, Annemart Koorneef and Corne M.J. Pieterse

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