The mycotoxin factbook - Food & feed topics

Edited by D. Barug, D. Bhatnagar, H.P. van Egmond, J.W. van der Kamp, W.A. van Osenbruggen and A. Visconti 
Wageningen Academic Publishers  2006  

Hardcover  384 pp  ISBN 9789086860067      £100.00
Mycotoxins are poisonous chemical compounds produced by certain fungi. There are many such compounds, but only a few of them are regularly found in food and animal feedstuffs. Nevertheless, those that do occur in food and feed have great significance in the health of humans and livestock. The effects of some mycotoxins are acute, with symptoms of severe illness appearing very quickly. Other mycotoxins have longer term chronic or cumulative effects on health, including the induction of cancers and immune deficiency. Information about mycotoxins is far from complete, but enough is known to identify them as a serious problem in many parts of the world, causing significant economic losses in addition to their negative health effects. 'The mycotoxin factbook' is aimed at the latest developments to combat the mycotoxin problem. The book contains the peer-reviewed papers of the third conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum. The various chapters focus on mycotoxin food and feed risks in the context of human nutrition and animal feeding. Topics dealt within 'The mycotoxin factbook' include

  • Regulatory issues, international developments and the impact on worldtrade
  • Up to date information on major mycotoxins and emerging problems in the food chain
  • The impact of mycotoxins in the feed chain
  • Developments in mycotoxin prevention
  • Trends in mycotoxin analysis



A - Regulatory issues and international developments

  • Mycotoxins in the context of food risks and nutrition issues, G.S. Shephard
  • Moulds and mycotoxins as undesirable substances in animal feeds, J. Fink-Gremmels
  • Decision-making process and overview of recent and future European Union legislation on mycotoxins in food and feed, F. Verstraete
  • Economic impact of fumonisin and aflatoxin regulations on global corn and peanut markets, F. Wu
  • Research and regulatory priorities in the USA, J. Robens

B - Progress on major mycotoxins and emerging problems

  • Aerosol mycotoxins: Animal and human health effects, E.-L. Hintikka, T. Johnsson, T. Tuomi and K. Reijula
  • Analysis of an aflatoxin-caused food safety crisis in Hungary: Actors and strategies, D. Bánáti and Z. Lakner
  • Emerging issues in southern Europe: Aflatoxins in Italy, G. Piva, P. Battilani and A. Pietri

C - Mycotoxin prevention: What's on the horizon?

  • Genomics of mycotoxigenic fungi , D. Bhatnagar, R. Proctor, G.A. Payne, J. Wilkinson, J. Yu, T.E. Cleveland and W.C. Nierman
  • Biocompetitive exclusion of toxigenic fungi, P.J. Cotty
  • The use of GMOs as a prevention strategy for mycotoxin formation, B. Hammond, K. Campbell, J. Cea, H. Esin, A. Pietri, G. Piva, T. Pierre, J. Richard, C. Rubinstein, J. Sequeira and F. Tatli
  • Applications in forecasting deoxynivalenol in wheat using DONcast, A.W. Schaafsma and D.C. Hooker

D - Trends in mycotoxin analysis

  • Mycotoxin analysis: An overview of classical, rapid and emerging Techniques, R. Krska and E. Welzig
  • Multimycotoxin analysis: The LC-MS approach, M.C. Spanjer, P.M. Rensen and J.M. Scholten
  • Immunoaffinity clean-up/fluorescence detection methods for Mycotoxins, M. Pascale and A. Visconti
  • Standardisation activities in mycotoxin methodology -including: Annex - Overview of published European CEN standards M. de Vreeze
  • How to deal with measurement uncertainty in routine mycotoxin Determination, J. Stroka and H.P. van Egmond

E - Mycotoxins in the feed chain

  • Contemporary concepts in the aetiology and prevention of mycotoxicoses in livestock and poultry, T. K. Smith
  • The potential of aflatoxin sequestering clay, T. Phillips, E. Afriyie-Gyawu, J.-S. Wang, J. Williams and H. Huebner
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