European Food Law Handbook

B. v.d. Meulen and M. v.d. Velde 
Wageningen Academic Publishers  2008  

Hardcover  632 pp  ISBN 9789086860821      £70.00
The first decade of the twenty-first Century has witnessed a fundamental reform of European food law. We have now come to the point where modern EU food law has taken shape. This 'European food law handbook' is written in the perspective of food law embedded within general EU law. It highlights the consequences of this combination and provides insights in both substantive and procedural food law.

This handbook analyses and explains the institutional, substantive and procedural elements of EU food law, taking the General Food Law as a focus point. Principles are discussed as well as specific rules addressing food as a product, the processes related to food and communication about food through labelling. These rules define requirements on subjects like market approval for food additives, novel foods and genetically modified foods; food hygiene, tracking & tracing, withdrawal & recall. The powers of public authorities to enforce food law and to deal with incidents are set out.

Attention is given to the international context (WTO, Codex Alimentarius) as well as to private standards.

The 'European food law handbook' is produced in co-operation with the European Institute for Food Law and is relevant for practitioners and scholars both with and without a background in law. It is ideal for education purposes.


List of law text boxes
List of diagrams

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to law
  • International public law
  • The European Union and food law
  • The institutions of the European Community
  • The embedding of food law into substantive EU law
  • Food law: development, crisis and transition
  • The General Food Law: general provisions of food law
  • Product 1: Authorisation requirements
  • Product 2: food safety criteria: contaminants and restricted substances
  • Process: food handling, hygiene, traceability and recall
  • Informed choice: presentation of food products
  • Public powers: official controls, enforcement and incident management
  • Quality and marketing standards for fresh fruit and vegetables
  • International food law
  • Private food law
  • Conclusion

Suggestions for further reading
Appendix A The General Food Law
Appendix B. Tables of equivalences referred to in Article 5 of the Treaty of Lisbon

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