Proteome Research - Concepts, Technology and Application - 2nd edition

Edited by Wilkins, M.R.; Appel, R.D.; Williams, K.L.; Hochstrasser, D.F. 
Springer  2008  

Softcover  240 pp  ISBN 9783540712411      £54.00

Hardcover  240 pp  ISBN 9783540712404      £126.00
Proteomics is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary field which studies the complexity and dynamics of proteins in biological systems. It combines powerful separation and analytical technology with advanced informatics to understand the function of proteins in the cell and in the body. This book provides a clear conceptual description of each facet of proteomics, describes recent advances in technology and thinking in each area, and provides details of how these have been applied to a variety of biological problems. It is written by expert practitioners in the field, from industry, research institutions, and the clinic. It provides junior and experienced researchers with an invaluable proteomic reference, and gives fascinating glimpses of the future of this dynamic field.

Written for: Libraries,institutes, scientists


  • 1 Ten Years of the Proteome, Marc R. Wilkins And Ron D. Appel
  • 2 Sample Preparation and Prefractionation Techniques for Electrophoresis-Based Proteomics, Ben R. Herbert, Pier Giorgio Righetti, Attilio Citterio, And Egisto Boschetti
  • 3 Protein Identification in Proteomics, Patricia Hernandez, Pierre-Alain Binz, And Marc R. Wilkins
  • 4 Quantitation in Proteomics, Garry L. Corthals and Keith Rose
  • 5 One Gene, Many Proteins, Nicolle H. Packer, Andrew A. Gooley, And Marc R. Wilkins
  • 6 Proteome Imaging, Patricia M. Palagi, Daniel Walther, Catherine G. Zimmermann-Ivol, And Ron D. Appel
  • 7 Data Integration in Proteomics, Frederique Lisacek, Christine Hoogland, Lydie Bougueleret, and Amos Bairoch
  • 8 Protein-Protein Interactions, Anne-Claude Gavin
  • 9 Biomedical Applications of Proteomics, Jean-Charles Sanchez, Yohann Cout, Laure Allard, Pierre Lescuyer, And Denis F. Hochstrasser
  • 10 Proteomics: Where to Next?, Keith L. Williams And Denis F. Hochstrasser
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