Bioenergetics - Energy Conservation and Conversion

Edited by Schäfer, Günter; Penefsky, Harvey 
Springer  April 2008  

Hardcover  312 pp  ISBN 9783540786214      £175.00
The present book addresses fundamental questions of biological energy transformation and conservation, with a focus on those processes which can now be understood on a structural basis.

Current knowledge of selected examples of the biological energy conservation machinery such as cellular oxygen respiration, light-driven energy converters, and fermentation is reviewed. The machinery is highly variable, particularly that within microorganisms, but all of these devices universally rely on one unique underlying physico-chemical principle.

The book is a rich source for specialists interested in recent developments in bioenergetics research and novices in the field alike.

Written for: Cell biologists, biochemists, plant physiologists


  • Diversity of the Heme
  • Copper Superfamily in Archaea: Insights from Genomics and Structural Modeling.
  • Structure of Photosystems I and II.
  • Microbial Rhodopsins: Scaffolds for Ion Pumps, Channels, and Sensors.
  • Life Close to the Thermodynamic Limit: How Methanogenic Archaea Conserve Energy.
  • ATP Synthesis by Decarboxylation Phosphorylation.
  • The Three Families of Respiratory NADH Dehydrogenases.
  • Hydrogenases and H+-Reduction in Primary Energy Conservation.
  • A Structural Perspective on Mechanism and Function of the Cytochrome bc1 Complex.
  • Regulatory Mechanisms of Proton-Translocating FOF1-ATP Synthase.
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