The Spatial Distribution of Microbes in the Environment

Edited by Franklin, Rima B.; Mills, Aaron L. 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  333 pp  ISBN 9781402062155      £126.00
Microbes are very small and, as individuals, are capable of influencing a portion of the environment only slightly larger than their own body size, i.e., a few microns. However, their impact on the landscape is enormous, and ecosystem processes such as organic matter decomposition, denitrification, and metal oxidation/reduction are measured on scales of meters to kilometers. This volume highlights recent advances that have contributed to our understanding of spatial patterns and scale issues in microbial ecology, and brings together research conducted at a range of spatial scales (from Ám to km) and in a variety of different types of environments. These topics are addressed in a quantitative manner, and a primer on statistical methods is included to aid the unfamiliar reader. In soil ecosystems, both bacteria and fungi are discussed, and the spatial patterns are interpreted in an ecological context that considers issues such as nutrient availability, vegetation distribution and growth patterns, and microbial colonization. In aquatic systems, focus is on the distribution of planktonic forms including phytoplankton and microzooplankton. The reader should gain insight on how to integrate information across spatial scales, which is necessary in order to understand and predict how these tiny organisms can have such a profound effect on landscape and ecosystem-level processes.

Written for: Graduate students and scientists in the area of microbial ecology, active investigators in general ecology who are interested in biogeochemical processes, microbiologists who are just beginning to consider the environmental distribution of populations or communities of newly discovered organisms

Contributing Authors.

  • Introduction; Franklin, R.B., Mills, A.L. Statistical Analysis of Spatial Structure in Microbial Communities; Franklin, R.B., Mills, A.L.
  • Bacterial Interactions at the Microscale - Linking Habitat to Function In Soil; Nunan N., Young, I.M, Crawford, J.W., Ritz, K.
  • Spatial Distribution of Bacteria at the Microscale In Soil; Dechesne, A., Pallud, C., Grundmann, G.L.
  • Analysis Of Spatial Patterns Of Rhizoplane Coloniz-Ation; Knudsen, G.R., Dandurand, L.-M.
  • Microbial Distributions And Their Potential Control-Ling Factors In Terrestrial Subsurface Environments; Lehman, R.M. Spatial Organisation Of Soil Fungi; Ritz, K.
  • Spatial Heterogeneity of Planktonic Microorganisms in Aquatic Systems; Pinel-Alloul, B., Ghadouani, A.
  • The Interrelationship Between the Spatial Distribution of Microorganisms and Vegetation in Forest Soils; Morris S.J., Dress, W.J.
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