Plant Anatomy: An Applied Approach

David F. Cutler, Ted Botha, Dennis Wm. Stevenson 
Wiley-Blackwell  March 2008  

Paperback  312 pp  ISBN 9781405126793      £37.00
This indispensable textbook provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of all aspects of plant anatomy.

  • Emphasizes the application of plant anatomy and its relevance to modern botanical research.
  • Features expanded treatment on vegetative anatomy and additional material on functional anatomy.
  • Includes a CD ROM of high quality photographs and scanning electron microscope images giving students access to the microscopic detail of plant structures essential to gaining a real understanding of the subject.
  • Exercises for the laboratory are also included on the CD ROM making this work an indispensable resource for lectures and laboratory classes



1 Morphology and tissue systems: the integrated plant body
General background. Adaptation to aerial growth. The systems in detail.

2 Meristems and meristematic growth.
Introduction. Apical meristems. Lateral meristems. Practical applications and uses of meristems. 3 The structure of xylem and phloem. Introduction. The xylem. The phloem. Structure-function relationships in primary and. secondary vascular tissues.

4 The root.
Introduction. Epidermis. Cortex. Endodermis. Pericycle. Vascular system. Lateral roots.

5 The stem.
Introduction. Stems - cross-sectional appearance. Transport phloem within the axial system. Transport tissue - structural components. Concluding remarks.

6 The leaf.
Introduction. Leaf structure. The epidermis. The mesophyll. Strengthening systems in the leaf. The vascular system. The phloem. Specifi cs of the monocotyledonous foliage leaf 111. Secretory structures. Concluding remarks.

7 Flowers, fruits and seeds.
Introduction. Vascularization. SEM studies. Palynology. Embryology. Seed and fruit histology.

8 Adaptive features.
Introduction. Mechanical adaptations. Adaptations to habitat. Xerophytes. Mesophytes. Hydrophytes. Applications.

9 Economic aspects of applied plant anatomy.
Introduction. Identifi cation and classification. Taxonomic application. Medicinal plants. Food adulterants and contaminants. Animal feeding habits. Wood: present day. Wood: in archaeology. Forensic applications. Palaeobotany. Postscript.

10 Practical microtechnique
Safety considerations. Materials and methods. Microscopy.

Appendix 1 Selected study material

Appendix 2 Practical exercises

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