Molecular Biology in Plant Pathogenesis and Disease Management

P Narayanasamy 
Springer  June 2008  

Hardcover  3-volume-set. 832 pp  ISBN 9781402082481      £359.00

Hardcover  Volume 1. 250 pp  ISBN 9781402082429      £148.00

Hardcover  Volume 2. 264 pp  ISBN 9781402082443      £148.00

Hardcover  Volume 3. 344 pp  ISBN 9781402082467      £180.00
Studies on molecular biology of pathogens, infection process and disease resistance, have provided information essentially required to understand the vulnerable stages at which the pathogens can be tackled effectively and to adopt novel strategies to incorporate disease resistance genes from diverse sources and /or to induce resistance of cultivars with desirable agronomic attributes using biotic or abiotic agents. The nature of interaction between the gene products of the pathogen and plant appears to determine the outcome of the interaction resulting in either disease progression or suppression. Transgenic plants with engineered genes show promise for effective exploitation of this approach for practical application. Research efforts during the recent years to sequence the whole genomes of the pathogens and plants may lead to development of better ways of manipulating disease resistance mechanisms enabling the grower to achieve higher production levels and the consumer to enjoy safer food and agricultural products. Experimental protocols included in appropriate chapters will be useful for researchers and graduate students.

Written for: Researchers, teachers, graduate students in departments of plant pathology, molecular biology and biotechnology, microbiology and plant physiology.

Volume 1. Microbial Plant Pathogens: Assesses progress in understanding of pathogens, infection and resistance . Describes new strategies for incorporating resistant genes . Includes useful experimental protocols in appropriate chapter

Volume 2. Disease Development: Focuses on progress in understanding of disease development and host resistance. Explores the use of molecular methods in measuring and managing disease . Describes influence of environmental conditions on plants and diseases .

Volume 3. Offers useful information for the development of effective crop disease management systems . Shows how molecular techniques have accelerated the formulation of short management long-term strategies . Discusses the advantages of quarantines and certification programs.

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