Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment

Edited by Cen, Kefa; Chi, Yong; Wang, Fei 
Springer  May 2008  

Hardcover  1435 pp  ISBN 9783540766933      £350.00
Note: This book is jointly published with Zhejiang University Press, who maintain distribution rights in China.

This book is the proceedings of the International Conference on Power Engineering-2007. The fields of this book include power engineering and relevant environmental issues. The recent technological advances in power engineering and related areas are introduced. This book is valuable for researchers, engineers and students majoring in power engineering.

Written for Institutions and researchers in power engineering.


  • Power Systems Fuel Utilization.
  • Boilers.
  • Turbines.
  • Generators.
  • Operation and Maintenance for Power Plant.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement, Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Heat Transfer Process, Combustion, and Power System.
  • Fuel Cell.
  • Nano Heat Transfer, Nano Fluid Flow, and Nano Materials.
  • New Materials for Energy Systems.
  • Alternative Energy.
  • Economics of Power Plant.
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