Green Chemical Reactions

Edited by Tundo, Pietro; Esposito, Vittorio 
Springer  June 2008  

Hardcover  232 pp  ISBN 9781402084560      £162.00

Softcover  232 pp  ISBN 9781402084584      £68.00
These are the Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on New Organic Chemistry Reactions and Methodologies for Green Production, Lecce, Italy - 29 October-10 November 2006.

Green Chemistry is an inventive science based on fundamental research towards the development of new sustainable chemical processes. There is a great need to create a new type of chemistry focused on a new production system, in order to prepare the younger generation to get a greener future.

The globalization pushes the chemistry community to adopt ethical issues. In this prospect Green Chemistry can achieve the approval of the society by teaching students to be confident in science and at the same time by convincing people that it is possible to attain technological development with respect and care for the environment we live in. This is why it is of foremost importance that education and fundamental research remain strictly connected, so that democracy and development can grow and progress side by side.

Written for: Postdoctoral researchers in academia in the field of chemistry and particularly organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, catalysis, alternative feedstocks, photochemistry, electrochemistry, biomimetic synthesis, chemicals production, safer industrial processes design; postgraduate students in academia in the field of chemistry, lecturers in academia, junior scientists in the chemical industry R&D, senior scientists in the chemical industry R&D, governmental advisors for scientific matters


List of participants.

  • An Introduction to Green Chemistry D. St Clair Black.
  • The Possibility to Obtain a new Generation of Ionic Liquids Starting from Natural Compounds; C. Chiappe. Catalysis in Ionic Liquids; C. Trombini, M. Lombardo.
  • Ionic Liquids for Spectroscopy; Spectroscopy for Ionic Liquids; Ch. D. Tran.
  • Chemical Reactions and Related Phase Behavior in Supercritical CO2 and CO2/Ionic Liquid Mixtures; Tao Jiang, Buxing Han.
  • Water-Based Metal Remediation Processes: Basics and Novel Developments; K. E. Geckeler.
  • 'Greener' Organic Syntheses under non-Traditional Conditions Using Microwave and Ultrasound Irradiation and Mechanochemical Mixing; R. S. Varma.
  • The Greenest Reagent in Organic Synthesis: Light; A. Albini, M. Fagnoni.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide in Green Oxidation Reactions: Recent Catalytic Processes; A. Goti, F. Cardona.
  • Dimethyl Carbonate: Green Solvent and Ambident Reagent P. Tundo et al.
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