Plant Microtubules - Development and Flexibility

Edited by Peter Nick 
Springer  April 2008  

Hardcover  269 pp  ISBN 9783540771753      £121.00
Plant microtubules are key elements of cell growth, division and morphogenesis. In addition to their role in plant development and architecture, they have emerged as regulatory elements of signalling and important targets of evolution.

Since the publication of the first edition of Plant Microtubules in 2000, our understanding of microtubules and their manifold functions have advanced substantially. Consisting of the following three parts, this book highlights the morphogenetic potential of plant microtubules from three general viewpoints:

  • Microtubules and Morphogenesis: control of cell axis during division and expansion, cross-talk with actin filaments, mechanical properties of the cell wall.
  • Microtubules and Environment: the role of microtubules during the sensing or response of environmental factors such as pathogens or abiotic stresses.
  • Microtubules and Evolution: complexity and specialization of plant microtubules in the context of plant evolution.

For those working in academia and applied science, the state of the art of a fascinating field of cell biology is given; for graduate and advanced students the most recent advances are positioned into a clear conceptual context.


Microtubules and Morphogenesis
Control of Cell Axis, P.Nick

Interactions and Cross-Talk Between the Microtubule and Microfilament Networks in Plants, D.A.Collings

Microtubules and Environment
Microtubules and the Control of Wood Formation, R.Funada
Microtubules and Pathogen Defence, I.Kobayashi Y.Kobayashi
Microtubules and Viral Movement, M.Heinlein
Microtubules as Sensors for Abiotic Stimuli, P.Nick

Microtubules and Evolution
Plant Tubulin Genes: Regulatory and Evolutionary Aspects, D.Breviario
Microtubules and the Evolution of Mitosis, A.-C.Schmit P.Nick

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