Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture 2006 and Beyond

Edited by Xu, Z.; Li, J.; Xue, Y.; Yang, W. 
Springer  November 2007  

Hardcover  498 pp  ISBN 9781402066344      £144.00
Proceedings of the 11th IAPTC&B Congress, August 13-18, 2006 Beijing, China

This book contains a collection of papers presented at the above conference. It provides a sumamry of the latest advances in plant science, covering updated developments in plant tissue culture as well as covering state-of-the-art technology in plant biotechnology, prsented by leading international scientists.

Of interest to agricultural scientists, plant breeders and geneticists, plant biotechnologists, biotech industry, international policy makers


  • Advances In Plant Molecular Biology.
  • Functional Genomics.
  • Plant Transformation Technology.
  • In Vitro System As The Model For Discovery In Molecular Biology.
  • Molecular Control Of Abiotic Resistance.
  • Plant Insect Interaction.
  • Molecular Mechanisms On Plant-Microbe Interactions.
  • Metabolic Engineering.
  • Improving Nutritional Quality Of Crops
  • Signal Transduction.
  • Apomixis.
  • Biotechnology In Cereals
  • Biotechnology In Economic Crops
  • Biotechnology In Medicinal, Woody And Horticultural Plants.
  • Tissue Culture For Biodiversity Preservation
  • Plants As Bioreacter/Molecular Pharming.
  • Molecular Breeding.
  • Regeneration, Micropropagation And Industrialization.
  • Protoplasts, Haploids And Embryo Culture In Crop Improvement.
  • Technology Transfer To Developing Countries.
  • Author Index.
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