Carbohydrate Chemistry, Biology and Medical Applications

Edited by Hari G. Garg, Mary K. Cowman and Charles A. Hales 
Elsevier  2008  

Hardcover  432 pp  ISBN 9780080548166      £80.00
The finding by Emil Fischer that glucose and fructose on treatment with phenylhydrazine gave the identical osazone led him to the elucidation of stereochemistry of carbohydrates. Since then, progress in the field of carbohydrates has been amazing with the unraveling their basic structure, biosynthesis, immunology, functions, and clinical uses, for pure carbohydrates and for protein-linked carbohydrates (glycoproteins and proteoglycans). The chapters in this book present a logical sequence leading from the chemistry and biochemistry of carbohydrates, followed by their role in various pathological conditions, to carbohydrates as potential therapeutic and diagnostic agents. This book offers a detailed panoramic review of the chemistry and biology of carbohydrates for chemists, biologists and health professionals. Each chapter is authored by contributors expert in the particular area of research.

Of interest to physicians, glycobiologists, pharmaceutical scientists, and graduate students, medical libraries and institutes/corporates researching the medical aspects of carbohydrates


Contributors list

  • The Development of Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biology (D. Horton)
  • Carbohydrate Structure Determination by Mass Spectrometry (B. Xie and C.E. Costello)
  • Chemical Synthesis of Complex Carbohydrates (Z. Guo)
  • Enzymatic Synthesis of Oligosaccharides and Conversion to Glycolipids (D.M. Su, H. Eguchi, C. Xia, J. Song, W. Yi, R.L. Woodward and P.G. Wang)
  • Proteoglycans in the Lung (M.S. Ludwig)
  • Proteoglycans of the Intervertebral Disc (P.J. Roughley)
  • Small Leucine Rich-Repeat Proteoglycans of Skin (P.G. Scott)
  • Functional Glycosaminoglycans in the Eye (M. Zako and M. Yoneda)
  • Biological Function of Glycosaminoglycan (M. Roth, E. Papakonstantinou and G. Karakiulakis)
  • Physiological, Pathophysical and Therapeutic Roles of Heparin/Heparan Sulfate (J. Xie, S. Murugesan and R.J. Linhardt)
  • Carbohydrates and Cutaneous Wound Healing (A. Burd and L. Huang)
  • Carbohydrates in Human Milk and Infant Formulas (G. Boehm, B. Stahl, J. Knol and J. Garssen)
  • Role of Cell Surface Carbohydrates in Development and Disease (M.N. Fukuda, T.O. Akama and K. Sugihara)
  • Therapeutic Use of Hyaluronan-Based Derived Products (E.A. Balazs and P.A. Band)
  • Drug Delivery and Medical Applications of Chemically Modified Hyaluronan (L.Z. Avila, D.A. Gianolio, P.A. Konowicz, M. Philbrook, M.R. Santos and R.J. Miller)
  • Carbohydrate Microarrays as Essential Tools of Postgenomic Medicine (X. Zhou, G.T. Carroll, C. Turchi and D. Wang)
  • Carbohydrate Arrays for Basic Science and as Diagnostic Tools (T. Horlacher, J.L. de Paz and P.H. Seeberger)

Subject Index

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