Soilless Culture: Theory and Practice

Edited by Michael Raviv and J. Heinrich Lieth 
Elsevier  2008  

Hardcover  608 pp  ISBN 9780444529756      £74.00
Plant production in hydroponics and soilless culture is rapidly expanding throughout the world, raising a great interest in the scientific community. For the first time in an authoritative reference book, authors cover both theoretical and practical aspects of hydroponics (growing plants without the use of soil).

This reference book covers the state-of-the-art in this area, while offering a clear view of supplying plants with nutrients other than soil. Soilless Culture provides the reader with an understanding of the properties of the various soiless media and how these properties affect plant performance in relation to basic horticultural operations, such as irrigation and fertilization.

This book is ideal for agronomists, horticulturalists, greenhouse and nursery managers, extension specialists, and people involved with the production of plants.

Of interest to agronomists, horticulturalists, farmers, practitioners confronting problems



  • Significance of soilless culture in agriculture
  • Functions of the root system
  • Physical characteristics of soilless media.
  • Irrigation in Soilless Production
  • Technical equipment in soilless production systems
  • Chemical characteristics of soilless media
  • Analytical methods used in soilless cultivation
  • Nutrition of Substrate-Grown Plants
  • Fertigation management and crops response to solution recycling in semi closed greenhouses
  • Pathogen detection and management strategies in soilless plant growing systems
  • Organic Soilless Media Components
  • Inorganic and Synthetic Organic Components of Soilless Culture and Potting Mixes
  • Growing plants in soilless culture: Operational conclusions


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