Bioconjugate Techniques - 2nd edition

Greg T. Hermanson 
Academic Press  May 2008  

Softcover  1323 pp  ISBN 9780123705013      £63.00
  • A one-stop source for proven methods and protocols for synthesising bioconjugates in the laboratory, allowing for fast retrieval of tried and tested techniques for synthesising bioconjugates
  • Step-by-step presentation makes this book an ideal source for researchers who are less familiar with the synthesis of bioconjugates
  • The book provides information on the chemistry underlying bioconjugate synthesis
  • This second edition is the essential guide to the modification and cross linking of biomoleculaes for use in research, diagnostics and therapeutics.

It provides highly detailed information on the chemistry, reagent systems, and practical applications for creating labelled or conjugate molecules. It also described dozens of reactions with details on hundreds of commercially available reagents and the use of these reagents for modifying or cross-linking peptides and proteins, sugars and polysaccharidies, nucleic acids and oligonucleotides, lipds and synthetic polymers.

Of interest to researchers in biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, pharmacology, cell biology, and microbiology


PART I Bioconjugate Chemistry

  • Functional Targets
  • The Chemistry of Reactive Groups

PART II Bioconjugate Reagents

  • Zero-Length Cross-Linkers
  • Homobifunctional Cross-linkers
  • Heterobifunctional Cross-linkers
  • Trifunctional Cross-linkers
  • Dendrimers and Dendrons
  • Cleavable Reagent Systems
  • Fluorescent Probes
  • Bifunctional Chelating Agents and Radioimmunoconjugates
  • Biotinylation Reagents
  • Iodination Reagents
  • Silane Coupling Agents
  • Microparticles and Nanoparticles
  • Buckyballs, Fullerenes, and Carbon Nanotubes
  • Mass Tags and Isotope Tags
  • Chemoselective Ligation; Bioorthogonal Reagents
  • Discrete PEG Compounds

PART III Bioconjugate Applications

  • Preparation of Hapten - Carrier Immunogen Conjugates
  • Antibody Modification and Conjugation
  • Immunotoxin Conjugation Techniques
  • Preparation of Liposome Conjugates and Derivatives
  • Avidin - Biotin Systems
  • Preparation of Colloidal-Gold-Labeled Proteins
  • Modification with Synthetic Polymers
  • Enzyme Modification and Conjugation
  • Nucleic Acid and Oligonucleotide Modification and Conjugation
  • Bioconjugation for the Study of Protein Interactions
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