Agricultural Systems: Agroecology and Rural Innovation for Development

Edited by Sieglinde Snapp and Barry Pound 
Academic Press  Feb 2008  

Hardcover  400 pp  ISBN 9780123725172      £50.00
With the inclusion of research theory and examples using the principles of cropping system design, students will gain a unique understanding of the technical, biological, ecological, economic and sociological aspects of farming systems science for rural livelihoods. Editors Snapp and Pound provide a much-needed synthetic overview of the emerging area of agroecology applications to transforming farming systems and supporting rural innovation. The wide range of subjects, integrated references, and companion website, make this core reading for courses in international agricultural systems and management, sustainable agricultural management, and cropping systems.

Of interest to students of agricultural science, environmental engineering, rural planning; researchers and scientists in agricultural development agencies; practitioners of agricultural development in government extension programs, development agencies, and NGOs.



Section I. Re-inventing Farming Systems

  • Chap 1. Introduction
  • Chap 2. Livelihoods and Innovation
  • Chap 3. Agroecology: Principles and Practice
  • Chap 4. Designing for the Long-term: Sustainable Agriculture

Section II. Resources for Agricultural Development

  • Chap 5. Agricultural Change and Low-Input Technology
  • Chap 6. Ecologically-based Nutrient Management
  • Chap 7. Participatory Breeding: Developing Improved and Relevant Crop
  • Chap 8. Participatory Livestock Research for Development

Section III. Context for Sustainable Agricultural Development

  • Chap 9. Gender and Agrarian Inequality at the Local Scale
  • Chap 10. The Nature of Agricultural Innovation
  • Chap 11. Outreach to Support Rural Innovation
  • Chap 12. Tying it Together: Global, Regional and Local integration
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