Chemical Bioavailability in Terrestrial Environments

Edited by Ravendra Naidu 
Elsevier  March 2008  

Hardcover  828 pp  ISBN 9780444521699      £62.00
Provides recent information developing concepts and definitions of bioavailability.

Includes a discussion of bioavailability and ecotoxicity of contaminants and bioavailability of nutrients and agrichemicals for applications in agriculture

Analyses tools for assessing bioavailability and the role of bioavailability in rsk assessment and remediation.

This book begins with an overview of current thinking on bioavailability, its definition and cutting edge research on speciation and advancement in tools for assessing chemical bioavailability in the terrestrial environment.

The second section of the book focuses on the chemical speciation in bioavailability.

Section three addresses bioavailability and ecotoxicity of contaminants and leads in the next section on bioavailability of nutrients and agrochemicals. Subsequent sections provide an overview of tools currently being used and new cutting edge techniques to assess contaminant bioavailability.

The last section of the book builds on previous sections in relating bioavailability to risk assessment and how this could be used for managing risks associated with contaminated land.

Of interest to researchers and scientists in soil science, agricultural science, crop science, ecology, microbiology, and environmental microbiology.

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