Nutrient Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems

Edited by Marschner, Petra; Rengel, Zdenko 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  397 pp  ISBN 9783540680260      £166.00
This book presents a comprehensive overview of nutrient cycling processes and their importance for plant growth and ecosystem sustainability. The first part of the book presents the fundamentals of nutrient cycling. Topics included are cycling of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and micronutrients. Particular attention is paid to the role of root exudates and rhizosphere microorganisms in facilitating nutrient cycling. The second part discusses nutrient cycling at an ecosystem scale, covering cropping systems, pastures, natural grasslands, arid lands, tundras and forests. The final chapter reviews current models of nutrient cycling.

By comprehensively covering nutrient cycling at a range of scales and emphasizing multidisciplinary approaches, this volume will support scientists and practitioners alike. It provides links between those involved in improving sustainable economic output from managed ecosystems and those interested in conservation of natural ecosystems. Of interest to scientists and advanced students in Ecology, Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry, Plant, Soil and Food Sciences.


Part I Principles of Nutrient Cycling

  • Composition and Cycling of Organic Carbon in Soil , Jeffrey A. Baldock
  • The Nitrogen Cycle in Terrestrial Ecosystems , Ann McNeill, Murray Unkovich
  • Phosphorus and Sulphur Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems , Else K. BŁnemann, Leo M. Condron
  • Cycling of Micronutrients in Terrestrial Ecosystems, Zed Rengel
  • Root Exudates and Nutrient Cycling, GŁnter Neumann
  • Plant-Microbe Interactions in the Rhizosphere and Nutrient Cycling , Petra Marschner

Part II Nutrient Cycling Budgets in Terrestrial Ecosystems

  • The Role of Crop Residues in Improving Soil Fertility, Bhupinderpal-Singh, Zed Rengel
  • Nutrient Cycling Budgets in Managed Pastures, David Scholefield, Elaine Jewkes, Roland Bol
  • Natural Grasslands - a Case Study in Greece , Z. Koukoura
  • Dryland Ecosystems , Anne Hartley, Nichole Barger, Jayne Belnap, Gregory S. Okin
  • Nutrient Cycling in the Tundra , Sari Stark
  • Nutrient Cycling in Forests and Heathlands: an Ecosystem Perspective from the Water-Limited South , Mark A. Adams
  • Modelling Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling in Agricultural Systems at Field and Regional Scales, Peter de Willigen, Oene Oenema, Wim de Vries

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