Transgenic Crops V

Edited by Pua, E.C.; Davey, M.R. 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  563 pp  ISBN 9783540491606      £242.00
Genetic engineering is a powerful tool for crop improvement. The status of crop biotechnology before 2001 was reviewed in Transgenic Crops I-III, but recent advances in plant cell and molecular biology have prompted the need for new volumes.

This volume covers fruit, trees and beverage crops. Fruit crops targeted include banana, citrus, mango, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, avocado, grape, melon, apple, Prunus spp., strawberry, and kiwifruit, while trees include walnut, rubber, eucalyptus, tropical tree legumes, Casuarina glauca and conifers. The section on beverage crops reports studies on coffee, cacao, tea, and sugarcane.

This volume is an invaluable reference for plant breeders, researchers and graduate students in the fields of plant biotechnology, agronomy, horticulture, forestry, genetics, and both plant cell and molecular biology.

Of interest to researchers, plant breeders, agronomists, and advanced students


Section I Fruits

  • Banana, E.C. Pua
  • Citrus, L. Peña, M. Cervera, C. Fagoaga, J. Romero, J. Juárez, J.A. Pina, and L. Navarro
  • Mango, M.A. Gómez Lim and R.E. Litz
  • Papaya, S.D. Yeh
  • Pineapple, M.R.Davey, S. Sripaoraya, P.Anthony, K.C. Lowe, and J.B. Power
  • Watermelon, P. Ellul, C. Lelivelt, M.M. Naval, F.J. Noguera, S. Sanchez, A. Atarés, V. Moreno, P. Corella, and R. Dirks
  • Avocado, R.E. Litz, S.H.T. Raharjo, and M.A. Gómez Lim
  • Grape, A. Perl and Y. Eshdat
  • Melon, J.C. Pech
  • Apple, A. M. Ibanez and A. M. Dandekar
  • Prunus spp, L. Burgos, C. Petri, and M.L. Badenes
  • Strawberry, J.A. Mercado, F. Pliego-Alfaro, and M.A. Quesada
  • Kiwifruit, R.G. Atkinson and E.A. Macrae

Section II Trees

  • Walnuts, M.T. Britton, C.H. Leslie, G.H. McGranahan, and A.M. Dandekar
  • Rubber , P. Arokiaraj
  • Eucalyptus, C. Teulieres and C. Marque
  • Tropical Tree Legumes, Y. Hong and S. Bhatnagar
  • Casuarina glauca, M. Obertello, C. Santi, S. Svistoonoff, V. Hocher, F. Auguy, L. Laplaze, D. Bogusz, and C. Franche
  • Conifers, C.Walter, M. Carson, and S. Carson

Section III Beverage Crops

  • Coffee, N. Santana, R. Rojas-Herrera, R.M. Galaz-Avalos, J.R. Ku-Cauich, J. Mijangos, and V.M. Loyola-Vargas
  • Cacao, M.J. Guiltinan
  • Tea, T.K. Mondal
  • Sugarcane, L.H. Zhang, L.X.Weng, and Z.D. Jiang

Subject Index
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