Tropical Forest Seed

Schmidt, Lars 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  410 pp  ISBN 9783540490289      £144.00
The book aims at dealing with all practical issues in connection with practical tree seed procurement and supply in tropical countries, with necessary background information and documentation of applied methods. It starts with seed collection and follows the processes of the standard fates of seeds, from extraction, cleaning, drying, testing and storing to distribution and sowing in the field or in the nursery.

The text covers simple hands-on methods and more advanced methods, and emphasises the balance between using available technology, equipment and other facilities, and a sound view of what is needed. Although the essence of seed handling is necessarily linked to maintaining physiological quality, genetic aspects and the issue of collecting and maintaining genetic quality are elaborated throughout the book. A synthesis and discussion of recent findings in seed research and their application to practical seed handling is given.

Of interest to institutes, libraries; scientists, professionals such as forest engineers, forest managers, forest planners, forest certification practitioners.


  • Introduction
  • Seed Collection
  • Seed Processing
  • Seed Storage
  • Seed Dormancy and Presowing Treatment
  • Sowing, Germination and Seedling Establishment
  • Seed Testing
  • Seed Supply and Distribution

Appendix 1: Seed Processing Table - Species List
Appendix 2: Seed Testing Forms
Subject Index

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