Plant Volatile Analysis

Edited by H F Linskens and J F Jackson 
Springer Verlag  1997  

Hardcover  266 pages  ISBN 9783540615897      £134.00
The book covers a wide range of methods for the analysis of volatile compounds exuded by plants. Some of these volatiles, including those of wines teas and fruits, are of great commercial importance. Other volatiles, such as essential oils also of economic value, can be useful as markers in determining chemotaxonomic relationships. The use of such data in the emerging method of chemometric analysis is detailed, as are analytical methods for determination of volatile compounds such as isoprene and ammonia, rarely found in other texts covering analytical methods for use with plant materials. It also covers topics such as in situ headspace analysis of the volatiles given off by flowers. This method is potential use for the study of insect-plant interactions, or signalling.

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