Forest Trees

Edited by C Kole 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  232 pp  ISBN 9783540345404      £197.00
Volume 7 in the series: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants

Forest trees cover one third of the global land surface, constitute many ecosystems, and play a pivotal role in the world economy. Despite their importance in the economy, ecology, and environment genetic analysis and breeding efforts have lagged behind. This volume details Populus trees, pines, Fagaceae trees, eucalypts, spruces, Douglas fir and black walnut, and offers a first-ever detailed review of Cryptomeria japonica. It thoroughly discusses innovative strategies to address the inherent problems of genome analysis of tree species.

Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants presents the current status of the elucidation and improvement of plant genomes of economic interest. The focus is on genetic and physical mapping, positioning, cloning, monitoring of desirable genes by molecular breeding and the most recent advances in genomics. Of interest to researchers in Genetics, Genomics, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Plant Sciences, Plant Breeding


1 Populus Trees, A.M. Rae,N. R. Street,M. Rodríguez-Acosta
2 Pines, C. Plomion,D. Chagné, D. Pot, S. Kumar, P. L.Wilcox, R.D. Burdon, D. Prat, D. G. Peterson, J. Paiva, P. Chaumeil, G. G. Vendramin, F. Sebastiani, C. D. Nelson, C. S. Echt, O. Savolainen, T. L. Kubisiak, M. T. Cervera, N. de María, M.N. Islam-Faridi
3 Spruce, J. Bousquet,N. Isabel, B. Pelgas, J. Cottrell,D. Rungis, K. Ritland
4 Eucalypts, A. A. Myburg, B. M. Potts, C. M. Marques, M. Kirst, J.-M. Gion, D. Grattapaglia, J. Grima-Pettenatti
5 Fagaceae Trees A. Kremer, M. Casasoli, T. Barreneche, C. Bodénès, P. Sisco, T. Kubisiak, M. Scalfi, S. Leonardi, E. Bakker, J. Buiteveld, J. Romero-Severson, K. Arumuganathan, J. Derory, C. Scotti-Saintagne, G. Roussel, M. E. Bertocchi, C. Lexer, I. Porth, F. Hebard, C. Clark, J. Carlson, C. Plomion, Hans-P. Koelewijn, F.Villani
6 Black Walnut, C.H.Michler, K. E.Woeste, P. M. Pijut
7 Douglas-Fir, J. E. Carlson, A. Traore, H. A. Agrama, K. V. Krutovsky
8 Cryptomeria Japonica, T. Kondo,N. Kuramoto
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