Environmental Chemistry: Microscale Laboratory Experiments

Ibanez, J.G., Hernandez-Esparza, M., Doria-Serrano, C., Fregoso-Infante, A., Singh, M.M. 
Springer  2007  

Spiral bound  238  ISBN 9780387494920      £40.00
The book is an experimental companion to Environmental Chemistry: Fundamentals. It contains an array of environmental chemistry experiments that can be readily performed at the microscale level. Ideas for additional open-ended projects are provided for all experiments, that represent a thorough introduction to environmental experimentation.



  • Water characterization.
  • Dissolved oxygen in water
  • Alkalinity and buffering capacity of water
  • Aqueous carbonate equilibria and water corrosiveness
  • The point of zero charge of oxides
  • Experimental transitions in E vs. pH (or Pourbaix) diagrams
  • Air oxidation of metal ions
  • Photoassisted reduction of metal complexes
  • Anionic detergents and o-phosphates in water
  • Halogenated hydrocarbons and the ozone layer depletion
  • Acid mine (or acid rock) drainage.
  • Electrochemical treatment of gas pollutants
  • Electrochemical treatment of liquid wastes
  • Electrochemical treatment of polluted soils
  • Removal of nitric oxide by complex formation
  • Photocatalytic remediation of pollutants
  • Chemical mineralization of pollutants through the Fenton reaction
  • Production and analysis of chloramines
  • Production and analysis of chlorine dioxide
  • Metal ion recovery by cementation

Green chemistry:

  • The recovery and reuse of sulfur dioxide.
  • Microorganisms in soil, water and air
  • Toxicity assay using bacterial growth.
  • Wastewater disinfection.

Appendix I: Answers to selected problems from the experiments.
Appendix II: Analytically-oriented environmental chemistry experiments in the literature.

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