Endoglycosidases: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Application

Edited by Endo, M.; Hase, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Takagaki, K. 
Springer  2006  

Hardcover  272 pp  ISBN 9783540344940      £135.00
This book is jointly published with Kodansha Scientific Ltd., Japan who have exclusive distribution rights for this country. Hence, if you hence, customers in Japan should use a local bookseller to obtain this book

This reference book covers the characterization and application of endoglycosidases. Endoglycosidases are highly convenient enzymes and indispensable tools in the field of glycotechnology as they can separate both intact oligosaccharide chains and proteins or lipids from glycoconjugates under mild conditions without causing damage, and as they can synthesize oligosaccharides and neoglycoconjugates by their specific activities. The monograph, which covers most of the endoglycosidases that act on glycoconjugates, is authored mainly by those researchers who discovered them. To assist students in obtaining a better understanding of the enzymes, the book also provides a general introduction to sugars and enzymes as well as the stories of their discovery.

Of interest to researchers and graduate students in organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, food technology, molecular medicine and agrobusiness

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