Functional-Structural Plant Modelling in Crop Production

Edited by Vos, J.; Marcelis, L.F.M.; Visser, P.H.B.d.; Struik, P.C.; Evers, J.B. 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  269 pp  ISBN 9781402060328      £103.00

Softcover  269 pp  ISBN 9781402060335      £59.00
Functional-structural plant models (FSPMs) describe in quantitative terms the development over time of the three-dimensional (3D) structure of plants as governed by physiological processes and affected by environmental factors. FSPMs are particularly suited to analyse problems in which the spatial structure of the plant or its canopy is an essential factor to explain, e.g., plant competition (intra-plant, inter-plant, inter-species) and the effects of plant configuration and plant manipulation (e.g., pruning and harvesting) on yield and produce quality.

This book describes the philosophy of functional-structural plant modelling and several tools for making FSPMs; it outlines methods for measuring essential parameters, including those pertaining to plant structure. As FSPMs offer new opportunities to model sink€source interactions, the physiological theory and modelling approaches regarding partitioning of carbon are given specific attention. Examples of application of FSPMs include wheat modelling in the context of remote sensing and the analysis of predator€prey insect interactions on glasshouse plants.

The book will be useful for scientists and advanced students interested in innovative approaches in plant and crop modelling.

Of interest to scientists and students interested in advanced approaches in plant and crop modelling



1. Functional-structural plant modelling in crop production:adding a dimension; J. Vos, L.F.M. Marcelis and J.B. Evers.
2. Measurements for functional-structural plant models; G.W.A.M. van der Heijden, P.H.B. de Visser and E. Heuvelink
3. The L+C plant-modelling language; P. Prusinkiewicz, R. Karwowski and B. Lane.
4. GroIMP as a platform for functional-structural modelling of plants; O. Kniemeyer, G. Buck-Sorlin, W. Kurth
5. The virtual crop-modelling system 'VICA' specified for barley; P. Wernecke, J. Müller, T. Dornbusch, A. Wernecke andW. Diepenbrock.
6. A mathematical approach estimating source and sink functioning of competing organs; M. Kang (China) and P. de Reffye
7. Modelling the light environment of virtual crop canopies; M. Chelle and B. Andrieu.
8. Photosynthesis and carbon balance; J. Müller, P. Wernecke, H. Braune, W. Diepenbrock.
9. Concepts of modelling carbon allocation among plant organs; L.F.M. Marcelis and E. Heuvelink
10. Mechanistic modelling of carbon partitioning; P.E.H. Minchin.
11. Numerical methods for transport-resistance sink-source allocation models; P. Prusinkiewicz, M. Allen, A. Escobar-Gutiérrez and T.M. DeJong
12. L-PEACH, an L-systems based model for simulating architecture, carbohydrate source-sink interactions and physiological responses of growing trees; M.T. Allen, P. Prusinkiewicz, R.R. Favreau and T.M. DeJong
13. Canonical modelling: an approach for intermediate-level simulation of carbon allocation in functional-structural plant models; M. Renton, D. Thornby and J. Hanan
14. GRAAL: Growth, Architecture, ALlocation: a functional structural model integrating processes of growth and processes of assimilate allocation from the organ level to the whole-plant level; J.L. Drouet and L. Pagès.
15. Functional-structural modelling of Gramineae; C. Fournier, B. Andrieu,, G. Buck-Sorlin, J.B. Evers, J.L. Drouet.- A.J. Escobar-Gutiérrez) and J. Vos
16. Functional-structural modelling of faba bean; M. Ruiz-Ramos and M.I. Mínguez.
17. Functional-structural modelling of chrysanthemum; P.H.B. de Visser, G.W.A.M. van der Heijden, E. Heuvelink and S.M.P. Carvalho.
18. Towards functional-structural modelling of greenhouse cucumber; K. Kahlen.
19. 3D canopy modelling as a tool in remote-sensing research; P. Lewis.
20. Functional-structural modelling as a potential tool to assess the impact of resource competition on arable communities; A. Karley and B. Marshall.
21. A grammar-based model of barley including virtual breeding, genetic control and a hormonal metabolic network; G. Buck-Sorlin, O. Kniemeyer and W. Kurth
22. Modelling plant canopies for biocontrol and biodiversity: insect movement, networks and lacunarity; D.J. Skirvin.- Epilogue: Functional-structural plant models in crop production: where are we and where to go?; J. Vos , M. Chelle, T. DeJong,C. Fournier, P.C. Struik and X. Yin.
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