Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass: A Handbook

A Bridgwater, S Czernik, J Diebold D Meier, A Oasmaa, C Peacocke J Piskorz, D Radlein 
CPL Press  May 1999/reprint 200  

Hardback  180 pp  ISBN 9781872691077      £40.00
This book is the original volume that initiated the Fast Pyrolysis series. As it pre-dates the extension of this work, it is not numbered, but is now referred to as Volume 1.
Reflecting the continuing demand this book has now been reprinted and is available from May 2008. vol 2 has also been reprinted. These books contain the full original text and are available in the original hardback format as 'Print-on-Demand'.

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The most comprehensive and up-to-date publication on this subject is Science in Thermal and Chemical Biomass Conversion

The most recent information is available on CD-ROM: Success & Visions for Bioenergy: Thermal processing of biomass for bioenergy, biofuels and bioproducts

About Fast Pyrolysis vol 1.

From the Preface:

This handbook is an edited and updated version of the final report of the IEA Bioenergy sponsored Pyrolysis Activity - PYRA - that officially finished in 1998 and accomplished many valuable contributions to the science and technology of fast pyrolysis. It is intended that this handbook will provide a useful guide both to newcomers to the subject area as well as those already involved in research, development and implementation.

The IEA Bioenergy Pyrolysis Task is continuing this work as a collaborative project with the European Commission network on fast pyrolysis of biomass which is now known as PyNe. The European Network was first formed in 1995 as an EC sponsored project in the AIR Programme (AIR3-CT94-1857). At the end of the three-year lives of the Networks in 1997, both sponsoring organisations recognised the benefits from their integration. This led to the present PyNe Network, which is co-sponsored by the European Commission FAIR Programme (FAIR-CT97-3409) and IEA Bioenergy, and which itself is sponsoring the publication of this book as a contribution to the technology.


Chapter 1. An Introduction to Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass for Fuels and ChemicalsA.V. Bridgwater
Chapter 2. Overview of Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass for the Production of Liquid Fuels, J.P. Diebold, A.V. Bridgwater
Chapter 3. IEA Pyrolysis Fundamentals Review (Active Research Groups Appended) J. Piskorz, G.V.C. Peacocke, A.V. Bridgwater
Chapter 4.The Nature and Properties of Intermediate and Unvaporized Biomass Pyrolysis Materials, J. Lédé, J.P. Diebold, G.V.C. Peacocke, J. Piskorz
Chapter 5. Storage and Handling of Flash Pyrolysis Oil, J. Leech, A. Webster
Chapter 6. Testing Standard Methods A. Oasmaa
Chapter 7. Properties of Fast Pyrolysis Liquids: Status of Test Methods D. Meier, A. Oasmaa, G.V.C. Peacocke
Chapter 8. New Methods for Chemical and Physical Characterization and Round Robin Testing, D. Meier
Chapter 9. Proposed Specifications for Various Grades of Pyrolysis Oils J.P. Diebold, T.A. Milne, S. Czernik, A. Oasmaa, A.V. Bridgwater A. Cuevas, S. Gust, D. Huffman, J. Piskorz
Chapter 10. Environment, Health and Safety, Czernik
Chapter 11. Determination of Biodegradation Rates of Bio-Oil by Respirometry, J. Piskorz, D. Radlein
Chapter 12.A Review of the Toxicity of Biomass Pyrolysis Liquids Formed at Low Temperatures, J.P. Diebold
Chapter 13. The Production of Chemicals from Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils D. Radlein

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