Concepts in Plant Metabolomics

Edited by Nikolau, Basil J.; Wurtele, Eve Syrkin 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  157 pp  ISBN 9781402056079      £126.00
Analogous to genomics, which defines all genes in a genome irrespective of their functionality, metabolomics seeks to profile "all" metabolites in a biological sample irrespective of the chemical and physical properties of these molecules.

Metabolomics has the potential of defining cellular processes as it provides a measure of the ultimate phenotype of an organism, as defined by the collage of small molecules, whose levels of accumulation is altered in response to genetic and environmentally induced changes in gene expression.

This book presents a guide for new practitioners of metabolomics, providing insights as to the current use and applications of metabolomics.

Of interest to academic and industrial researchers, graduate students in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, genomics


1.Validated High Quality Automated Metabolome Analysis of Arabidopsis Thaliana Leaf Disks Quality Control Charts and Standard Operating Procedures; O. Fiehn.
2.GC-MS Peak Labeling Under ArMet; H. Jenkins et al.
3.Metabolomics and Plant Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis - The Optimum Genetical Genomics Platform?; D. J. Kliebenstein
4.Design of Metabolite Recovery by Variations of the Metabolite Profiling Protocol; C. Birkemeyer & J. Kopka.
5. Uncovering the Plant Metabolome: Current and Future Challenges; U. Roessner-Tunali.
6.Lipidomics: ESI-MS/MS-Based Profiling to Determine the Function of Genes Involved in Metabolism of Complex Lipids;R. Welti, et cal.
7.Time-Series Integrated Metabolomic and Transcriptional Profiling Analyses Short-Term Response of Arabidopsis Thaliana Primary Metabolism to Elevated C02 - case Study; H. Kanani, et al.
8.Metabolimics of Cuticular Waxes: A System for Metabolomics Analysis of a Single Tissue-Type in a Multicellular Organism;M.A.D.N. Perera & B. J. Nikolau.
9.Metabolic Flux Maps of Central Carbon Metabolism in Plant Systems Isotope Labeling Analysis;V.V. Iyer, et al. 10.MetNet: Systems Biology Tools for Arabidopsis;E.S. Wurtele,et al.
11.Identification of Genes Involved in Anthocyanin Accumulation by Integrated Analysis of Metabolome and Transcriptome in Pap1-Overexpressing Arabidopsis Plants; T. Tohge, et al.
12. Identifying Substrates and Products of Enzymes of Plant Volatile Biosynthesis with the Help of Metabolic Profiling; D. Tholl, et al.
13.Profiling Diurnal Changes in Metabolite and Transcript Levels in Potato Leaves; E. Urbanczyk-Wochniak, C. Baxter, L. J. Sweetlove, & A.R. Fernie.
14.Gene Expression and Metabolic Analysis Reveal that the Phytotoxin Coronatine Impacts Multiple Phytohormone Pathways in Tomato; S. Rao Uppalapati & C. L. Bender.
15. Profiling of Metabolites and Volatile Flavour Compounds from Solanum Species Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry; T. Shepherd, et al.
16.Metabolomic Analysis of Low Phytic Acid Maize Kernels; J. Hazebroek, T. Harp, J. Shi, & H. Wang. 17.The Low Temperature Metabolome of Arabidopsis; G.R. Gray & D. Heath.
18.Cloning, Expression and Characterization of a Putative Flavonoid Glucosyltransferase from Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) Leaves; T.R. Sarkar, et al.
19.Application of Metabolite and Flavour Volatile Profiling to Studies of Biodiversity in Solanum Species; G. Dobson, et al.
20.Metabolic Profiling Horizontal Resistance in Potato Leaves (cvs. Caesar and AC Novachip) Against Phytophthora Infestans;Y. Abu-Nada, et al.
21.In Vivo 15N-Enrichment of Metabolites in Arabidopsis Cultured Cell T87 and Its Application to Metabolomics;K. Harada, et al

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