Colloidal Transport in Porous Media

Edited by Frimmel, Fritz H.; Kammer, Frank von der; Flemming, Hans-Curt 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  292 pp  ISBN 9783540713388      £112.00
Colloids are known to be the often neglected phase for the transport of pollutants in aquatic ecosystems. This book covers the basics of abiotic colloid characterization, of biocolloids and biofilms, the resulting transport phenomena and their engineering aspects. The contributors are leading specialists devoted to colloidal sciences. The discussion reflects their broad scope of viewpoint and depth of expertise. Coverage includes theoretical considerations, results from model experiments, and field studies.

Of interest for scientists, graduates, undergraduates, lecturers, libraries, professionals.


  • Colloid Facilitated Transport in Natural Porous Media: Fundamental Phenomena and Modelling.
  • Influence of Na-bentonite Colloids on the Transport of Heavy Metals in Porous Media.
  • Colloid Transport Processes: Experimental Evidence from the Pore Scale to the Field Scale.
  • Transport of Colloids in Filter Columns: Laboratory and Field Experiments.
  • Colloid and Microbe Migration in Granular Environments: A Discussion of Modelling Methods.
  • Influence of Biofilms on Colloid Mobility in the Subsurface.
  • Subsurface Transport of Heavy Metals Mediated by Biosolid Colloids in Waste-Amended Soils.
  • Ion - Colloid - Colloid Interactions.
  • Release of Contaminants from Bottom Ashes - Colloid Facilitated Transport and Colloid Trace Analysis by Means of Laser-Induced Breakdown Detection (LIBD).
  • The Role of Colloid Transport in Metal Roof Runoff Treatment
  • Index.
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