Towards a Cleaner Planet - Energy for the Future

Edited by Klapp, Jaime; Cervantes-Cota, Jorge L.; Chávez Alcalá, José Federico 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  420 pp  ISBN 9783540713449      £144.00
This book presents an overview of the main energy sources, production problems and energy perspectives in Germany and Mexico. It surveys the present status of traditional and alternative energy sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear, hydraulic, eolic, solar, and hydrogen cells. The book emphasizes the search for answers to such questions as

  • What are the main problems of industries based on fossil fuels?
  • What are the proved energy reserves?
  • What is the present status of hydraulic and nuclear energy, including nuclear waste disposal, among others?

Discussion extends to the general problem of energy efficiency, addressed from several points of view.

Of interest to professionals scientists and academic researchers interested in the present state and future possibilities of energy exploitation and efficiency


  • Part I General Overview and Energy Efficiency.
  • Part II Traditional Energy Resources.
  • Part III Alternative Energy Resources.
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