Material Science of Chitin and Chitosan

Edited by Uragami, Tadashi; Tokura, Seichi 
Springer, Jointly published with Kodansha Scientif  2006  

Hardcover  284  ISBN 9783540328131      £153.00
Note: In Japan obtain this book from Kodansha Scientific Ltd., Tokyo.

Chitin and chitosan are one of the most important key materials in the 21st century. They have multifunctional properties with applications in the pharmaceutical sciences, environmental problem-solving area (such as water-cleaning) to fibres, films and hydrogels, in cosmetics industry, food additives and as agricultural materials.

The most active authors in the field summarize the basics and applications of chitin and chitosan keeping in mind their importance in the science and technology in the 21st century.

Will be of interest to academic and industrial researchers and engineers in the fields of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, medical science, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, physiology, and agriculture; graduate students of organic and applied chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacy, and agriculture chemistry


  • General properties of chitin and chitosan.
  • Three-dimensional assembly of chitin and chitosan.
  • Chemical modifications of chitin and chitosan.
  • Enzymes involved in chitin and chitosan decomposition.
  • Separation materials from chitin and chitosan.
  • Pharmaceutical applications of chitin and chitosan
  • Biomedical materials from chitin and chitosan.
  • Regeneration of tissue using chitin and chitosan derivatives.
  • Miscellaneous applications of chitinous materials.
  • Prospects of chitin and chitosan.
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