Introduction to Zeolite Molecular Sieves, 3rd Edition

Edited by Jiri Cejka, Herman van Bekkum, A. Corma and F. Schueth 
Elsevier  August 2007  

Hardcover  1094 pp  ISBN 9780444530639      £180.00
  • 6 years since the last edtion this book brings together the rapid development within the field of molecular sieve chemistry and applications
  • Accessible to newcomers to the field, also containing valuable information for experienced researchers
  • 27 chapters written by renowned scientists in their field, including updates on some 2nd edition chapters

This book presents a collection of the most important results and ideas in the field of molecular sieve chemistry and technology, the most important experimental techniques related to the research activities in molecular sieves, and identifies new areas of molecular sieve chemistry. Chapters start at a reasonably simple entry level, but also covers the present state-of-the-art in the field. Topics covered include structure, synthesis, characterization, ion exchange, adsorption, diffusion, separations, and natural zeolites.

Suitable for newcomers to the field of molecular sieve chemistry and technology, also containing valuable information for experienced researchers


  • Zeolite Scene (T. Maesen).
  • Zeolite structures (L.B. McCusker).
  • Synthesis of zeolites (Jihong Yu).
  • Aluminophosphates with new structures (S. Wilson).
  • Organic templates and zeolite synthesis (A. Burton, I. Zones).
  • Molecular sieve membranes - synthesis, characterization and application (A. Julbe).
  • . Synthesis of delaminated and pillared materials and clays (W.J. Roth).
  • Synthesis of mesoporous molecular sieves (D.Y. Zhao).
  • Micro/mesoporous composite molecular sieves (S. Mintova, J. Cejka).
  • Organic - inorganic porous hybride systems (G. Ferey).
  • Diffraction techniques (R. Morris).
  • . Solid state NMR spectroscopy in zeolite science (A. Gedeon).
  • Infrared and Raman spectroscopy and zeolites (J.A. Lercher, A. Jentys).
  • TEM of molecular sieves (O. Terasaki).
  • Textural characterization (M. Thommes).
  • Ion exchange (A. Dyer).
  • Adsorption and microcalorimetry on molecular sieves (P. Llewellyn, G. Maurin).
  • . Host-guest interactions in zeolites and mesoporous molecular sieves (T. Bein).
  • Molecular modeling (R. Catlow).
  • Quantum chemistry in zeolite science (P. Nachtigall, J. Sauer).
  • . Diffusion and separation in molecular sieves (D. Ruthven).
  • . Acid and base catalysis on zeolites (J. Weitkamp, M. Hunger).
  • Catalysis on mesoporous molecular sieves (J. Vartuli).
  • Hydrocarbon processing (M. Rigutto).
  • Immobilization, ship-in-the-bottle (P.A. Jacobs).
  • Fine chemicals (H. van Bekkum).
  • Natural zeolites and environment (C. Colella).
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