Perspectives for Agroecosystem Management - Balancing Environmental and Socio-economic Demands

Edited by Peter Schröder, J. Pfadenhauer and J. Munch 
Elsevier  December 2007  

Hardcover  456 pp  ISBN 9780444519054      £55.00
  • Contains detailed results and insight of a long-term project on agricultural sustainability
  • Provides an interdisciplinary approach for comprehensive understanding by scientists of soil, plants, agriculture and environment
  • Takes an international perspective

This book focuses on the FAM-project (FAM Munch Research Network on Agrosystems) of the 1990s as a means of assessing, forcasting and evaluating changes in agrosystems that are necessary for agricultural sustainability.

The management of two separate management systems (organic and integrated farming) are described covering aspects such as changes of matter fluxes in the soil, precision farming in a small scale heterogenic landscape, influence of management change on flora and fauna, as well as the development of agrosystem models, the assessment of soil variability and the changes in nutrient status.

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