Competitive Electricity Markets - Design, Implementation, Performance

Edited by Fereidoon Perry Sioshansi 
Elsevier  February 2008  

Hardcover  624 pp  ISBN 9780080471723      £100.00
Covers timely topics on the evolution of electricity market liberilisation worldwide. After two decades, policy makers and regulators agree that electricity market reform, liberalization and privatization remain partly art, while international experience suggests that in nearly all cases, initial market reform leads to unintended consequences or introduces new risks which then need to be addressed in subsequent 'reform of reforms'.

This book describes the evolution of the market reform process including a number of challenging issues, such as infrastructure investment, resource adequacy, capacity and demand participation, market power, distributed generation, renewable energy and global climate change.

Will be of value to professionals, policy makers/regulators, students, researchers, and investors in the electric power sector, generating companies, distribution companies, manufacturers and suppliers.


Foreword Dr. Michael Pollitt Judge Business School and EPRG, University of Cambridge Preface Professor Wolfgang Pfaffenberger Jacobs University Bremen
Introduction Electricity market reform: Progress and remaining challenges Fereidoon P. Sioshansi Menlo Energy Economics

Part One: Market reform evolution

  • Chapter 1 Reevaluation of vertical integration and unbundling Dr. Hung-po Chao ISO New England Prof. Shmuel Oren University of California, Berkeley Prof. Robert Wilson Stanford University
  • Chapter 2 Hybrid electricity markets and different patterns of restructuring Dr. Aad F. Correlje and Dr. Laurens De Vries Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Chapter 3 Achieving electricity market integration in Europe Nigel Cornwall Cornwall Energy Consulting, UK

Part Two: Market performance, monitoring and demand participation

  • Chapter 4 Transmission markets, congestion management & investment Dr. Harry Singh FERC
  • Chapter 5 The design of U.S. wholesale energy and ancillary service auction markets: Theory and practice Dr. Richard O€Neill & Dr. Udi Helman FERC Prof. Ben Hobbs Johns Hopkins Univ.
  • Chapter 6 The cost of anarchy in self-commitment based electricity markets Dr. Ramteen Sioshansi & Professor Shmuel Oren University of California, Berkeley Dr. Richard O€Neill FERC
  • Chapter 7 Market power & market monitoring Dr. Parviz Adib APX Dr. David Hurlbut National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Chapter 8 Demand participation in restructured markets Dr. Jay Zarnikau Frontier Associates

Part Three: Capacity, resource adequacy and investment

  • Chapter 9 Resource adequacy: Alternate perspectives and divergent paths Dr. Parviz Adib APX Dr. Eric Schubert BP Energy Company Prof. Shmuel Oren University of California, Berkeley
  • Chapter 10 The evolution of PJM€s capacity market Dr. Joseph E. Bowring PJM Interconnection LLC
  • Chapter 11 Resource adequacy & efficient infrastructure investment: Evidence from Australia€s National Electricity Market Dr. Alan Moran Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne, Australia Benjamin S. Skinner TRUenergy, Melbourne, Australia Part Four: Market design issues
  • Chapter 12 Promoting renewable energy: Lessons learned from 20 years of experimentation Professor Reinhard Haas Vienna University of Technology, Austria Professor Dr. Niels I. Meyer Technical University of Denmark Anne Held Fraunhofer Institute for Systems & Innovation Research, Karlsruhe, Germany Dr. Dominique Finon Centre International de Recherche pour l€Environnement et le Développement, France Professor Dr. Arturo Lorenzoni IEFE, Bocconi University, Italy Dr. Ryan Wiser Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA Ken-ichiro Nishio Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo, Japan
  • Chapter 13 Distributed generation and the regulation of electricity networks Dierk Bauknecht Oeko-Institut - Institute for Applied Ecology Professor Gert Brunekreeft Jacobs University Bremen
  • Chapter 14 Global climate change and the electric power industry Professor Andrew Ford Washington State University
  • Chapter 15 Reform of the reforms in Brazil: Problems and solutions Professor Joao Lizardo R. H. de Araujo Director General of CEPEL Agnes Maria de Aragao da Costa, Tiago B. Correia Ministry of Energy, Brazil and Dr. Elbia Melo Director, Chamber for Electricity Trading, Brazil


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