Biocatalysis in oil refining

M. Ramirez-Corredores and Abhijeet Borole 
Elsevier  June 2007  

Hardcover  416 pp  ISBN 9780444522122      £133.00
Biocatalysis in Oil Refining focuses on petroleum refining bioprocesses, establishing a connection between science and technology. The micro organisms and biomolecules examined for biocatalytic purposes for oil refining processes are thoroughly detailed. Terminology used by biologists, chemists and engineers is brought into a common language, aiding the understanding of complex biological-chemical-engineering issues. Problems to be addressed by the future R&D activities and by new technologies are described and summarized in the last chapter.

Of interest to oil refiners, biotechnologists, chemical/biochemical engineers


1. Introduction.

  • Refining Scenarios.
  • Biocatalysis.

2. Conventional Refining Processes.

  • Introduction.
  • Hydrotreating Processes.
  • Gasoline Hydrotreating.
  • Diesel Hydrotreating.
  • Vacuum Gasoil Hydroprocessing.
  • Residue Hydroprocessing.

3. Emerging Biocatalytic Processes.

  • Preamble.
  • BDS (Biodesulfurization).
  • BDN (Biodenitrogenation).
  • BDM (Biodemetallation).
  • Bio-upgrading.

4. Biotechnology and Supporting Companies.

  • General.
  • Biology-based Organizations.
  • Biocatalyst (enzyme/protein) Companies.
  • Biotechnology Based Companies.

5. R&D Technological Results.

  • Overview.
  • Agip Petroli (Italy); Enichem Anic Spa (Italy); Eni Tecnologie Spa (Italy)
  • Archaeus Technology Group Ltd. (Great Britain).
  • Arctech Inc./Atlantic Research Corporation (United States).
  • ASS Universities Inc./Brookhaven Science (United States).
  • Atlantic Richfield Co. (United States).
  • Atlas, Roland/Southern Pacific Petroleum (United States).
  • Babcock & Wilcox Co. (United States).
  • BHP Minerals International Inc. (United States).
  • Biostar b.v. (Netherlands).
  • BWN Live Oil (Australia).
  • Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (United States & International).
  • Combustian Engineering (United States).
  • Environmental Bioscience Corporation/Energy Biosystems Corp./Enchira Biotechnology Corp. (United States).
  • Exxon Research and Engineering (ER&E) Co. (United States).
  • Gas Research Institute (United States).
  • Houston Industries Inc. (United States).
  • Imperatrix (United States).
  • Institute Francais du Petrol (France).
  • Instituto Mexicano de Petroleo/Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico).
  • Institute of Gas Technology (United States).
  • Institute of Process Engineering (China).
  • Intevep S.A. (Venezuela).
  • Japanese Cooperating Organizations (Japan).
  • Kansai Electric Power (Japan).
  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (Korea).
  • Kurashow, Viktor Mikhajlovich (Russia).
  • Kyushu Kankyo Kanri Kyokai (Japan).
  • Lambda Group Inc. (United States).
  • Marine Biotechnology Institute Co. Ltd. (Japan).
  • Microbes Inc. (United States).
  • Ni Aoot: Vatel Skij Inst. Neftepromyslov (Russia).
  • Nippon Oil Co. Ltd. (Japan).
  • Oldfield, Christopher, Court of Napier University.
  • Paques Biological Systems b.v. (Netherlands).
  • Petroleo Brasileiro s.a. (Brazil).
  • Petrozyme Technologies Inc. (Canada).
  • Petroleum Industry development Center (Sekiyu Sangyo Kasseika Center; Mitsubishi Oil Co. Ltd. (Japan).
  • Plummer, Mark A. (United States).
  • Shell Oil Co. (Netherlands). 40. Standard Oil Co. (United States).
  • Technology Licensing Organization.
  • Tonen Corp. (Japan).
  • Unitika Ltd. (Japan).
  • Universidad de Alcala, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (Spain).
  • University of Osaka (Japan).
  • University of Shandong (China).
  • University of Waseda (Japan).
  • UOP LLC (United States)/Paques Biological Systems b.v. (Netherlands).
  • Valentine, James M. (United States).
  • General Discussion.

6. Research Needs and Future Directions.

  • Research Needs.
  • Future Directions.

Subject index.
Cited author index.

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