Computer Vision Technology for Food Quality Evaluation

Edited by Da-Wen Sun 
Academic Press  January 2008  

Hardcover  600 pp  ISBN 9780123736420      £100.00
The first book in this rapidly expanding area, Computer Vision Technology for Food Quality Evaluation thoroughly discusses the latest advances in image processing and analysis. Computer vision has attracted much research and development attention in recent years and, as a result, significant scientific and technological advances have been made in quality inspection, classification and evaluation of a wide range of food and agricultural products.

This unique work provides engineers and technologists working in research, development, and operations in the food industry with critical, comprehensive and readily accessible information on the art and science of computer vision technology. Undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers in universities and research institutions will also find this an essential reference source.

Of interest to the engineer and technologist working in research, development and operations in the food industry as well as undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers in these areas.


Part I. Fundamentals of Computer Vision Technology

  • Image Acquisition Systems
  • Image Segmentation Techniques
  • Object Measurement Methods
  • Object Classification Methods

Part II. Quality Evaluation of Meat, Poultry and Seafood

  • Quality Evaluation of Meat Cuts
  • Quality Measurement of Cooked Meats
  • Quality Inspection of Poultry Carcasses
  • Quality Evaluation of Seafoods

Part III. Quality Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetables

  • Quality Evaluation of Apples
  • Quality Evaluation of Citrus
  • Quality Evaluation of Strawberry
  • Classification and Quality Evaluation of Table Olives
  • Grading of Potatoes
  • Imaging spectroscopy for determining the optical properties of fruit

Part IV. Quality Evaluation of Grains

  • Wheat Quality Evaluation
  • Quality Evaluation of Rice
  • Quality Evaluation of Corn/Maize

Part V. Quality Evaluation of Other Foods

  • Quality Evaluation of Pizzas
  • Cheese Quality Evaluation
  • Quality Evaluation of Bakery Products
  • Image Analysis of Oriental Noodles
  • Quality Evaluation and Control of Potato Chips

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