Biotechnology for beginners

Reinhard Renneberg 
Academic Press  October 2007  

Paperback  360 pp  ISBN 9780123735812      £37.00
Biotechnology is the applied science of using living organisms and their by-products for commercial development. It has grown and evolved to such an extent over the past few years that increasing numbers of professionals work in areas directly impacted by it. For the first time, this book offers an exciting and colorful overview of biotechnology for professionals and students in a wide array of the life sciences including: Genetics, Immunology, Biochemistry, Agronomy, Food Science, and Animal Science.

This book shopuld also appeal to the lay reader without a scientific background who is interested in an entertaining and informative introduction to the key aspects of biotechnology.

It discusses the opportunities and risks of individual technologies and provide historical data in easy-to-reference boxes, highlighting key topics.

Biotechnology for Beginners covers all major aspects of the field, from food biotechnology to enzymes, genetic engineering, viruses, antibodies, and vaccines, to environmental biotechnology, transgenic animals, analytical biotechnology, and the human genome. This stimulating book is the most user-friendly source for a comprehensive overview of this complex field and will be of interest to researchers in genetics, immunology, biochemistry, agronomy, food science, animal science as well as general readers with or without scientific background, including lawyers, journalists, managers, politicians, and others.


  • Beer, Bread, and Cheese: Tasty Biotech
  • Enzymes: Molecular Supercatalysts for Home and Industry
  • The Miracles of Genetic Engineering
  • White Biotechnology: Cells as Synthesis Factories
  • Viruses, Antibodies, Vaccinations
  • Environmental Biotechnology: Roundabouts Instead of One-Way Streets!
  • Green Biotechnology
  • Embryos, Clones, Transgenic Animals
  • Heart Attack, Cancer, Stem Cells: Red Biotechnology Saving Life
  • Analytic Biotechnology and the Human Genome
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