Potato Biology and Biotechnology: Advances and Perspectives

Edited by Dick Vreugdenhil, John Bradshaw, Christiane Gebhardt, Francine Govers, Mark Taylor, Donald MacKerron, Heather Ross 
Elsevier  June 2007  

Hardcover  856 pp  ISBN 9780444510181      £71.00
In the past 15-20 years major discoveries have been concluded on potato biology and biotechnology. Important new tools have been developed in the area of molecular genetics, and our understanding of potato physiology has been revolutionized due to amenability of the potato to genetic transformation. This technology has impacted our understanding of the molecular basis of plant-pathogen interaction and has also opened new opportunities for the use of the potato in a variety of non-food biotechnological purposes. This book covers the potato world market as it expands further into the new millennium. Authors stress the overriding need for stable yields to eliminate human hunger and poverty, while considering solutions to enhance global production and distribution.

It comprehensively describes genetics and genetic resources, plant growth and development, response to the environment, tuber quality, pests and diseases, biotechnology and crop management.

It is a valuable valuable reference for all professionals involved in the potato industry, plant biologists and agronomists.


I. The markets

  • The fresh potato market Iain McGregor
  • Global markets for processed potato products Michael A. Kirkman
  • The seed potato market Cees D. van Loon

II. Genetics and genetic resources

  • Molecular taxonomy Ronald G. van den Berg and Mirjam M.J. Jacobs
  • Molecular markers, maps and population genetics Christiane Gebhardt
  • Genetics of morphological and tuber traits Herman J. van Eck
  • Genetics of resistance to pests and disease Ivan Simko, Shelley Jansky, Sarah Stephenson and David Spooner
  • Potato breeding strategy John E. Bradshaw
  • Genomics Glenn J. Bryan
  • Potato cytogenetics Tatjana Gavrilenko

III. Plant growth and development

  • Above-ground and below-ground plant development Paul C. Struik
  • Signalling the induction of tuber formation David J. Hannapel
  • Photosynthesis, carbohydrate metabolism and source-sink relations Daniel Hofius and Frederik A. J. Bornke
  • Dormancy and sprouting Jeffrey C. Suttle
  • Molecular physiology of the mineral nutrition of the potato Marcel Bucher and Jens Kossmann

IV. Responses to the environment

  • Water availability and potato crop performance Jan Vos and Anton J. Haverkort
  • Potato crop response to radiation and daylength A.J. Haverkort
  • Response to the environment: temperature Paul C. Struik
  • Response to the environment: carbon dioxide Ludwig De Temmerman, Karine Vandermeiren, Marcel van Oijen
  • Towards the development of salt tolerant potato D.J. Donnelly , S.O. Prasher and R.M. Patel V. Tuber quality
  • The harvested crop Mike Storey
  • Skin-set, wound-healing and related defects Edward C. Lulai
  • Internal physiological disorders, nutritional and compositional factors that affect market quality Joseph R. Sowokinos
  • Potato Flavour and Texture Mark A. Taylor, Gordon J. McDougall and Derek Stewart

VI. Pests and diseases

  • Insect pests in potato Edward B. Radcliffe and Abdelaziz Lagnaoui
  • The nematode parasites of potato Didier Mugniery and Mark S. Phillips
  • Bacterial pathogens of potato Jan M. van der Wolf and Solke H. De Boer
  • Viruses: economical losses and biotechnological potential Jari P.T. Valkonen
  • Fungal and fungus-like pathogens of potato Aad J. Termorshuizen

VII. Biotechnology

  • Developments in transgenic biology and the genetic engineering of useful traits Steve Millam
  • Field-testing of transgenic potatoes A. J. Conner
  • Soil-free techniques Steve Millam and Sanjeev K. Sharma

VIII. Crop management

  • Agronomic practices D.M. Firman and E.J. Allen
  • Minerals, soils and roots Philip J. White, Ron E. Wheatley, John P. Hammond and Kefeng Zhang
  • Mathematical models of plant growth and development D.K.L. MacKerron
  • Decision support systems in potato production B. Marshall
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