Green Gene Technology - Research in an Area of Social Conflict

Edited by Fiechter, Armin; Sautter, Christof 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  287 pp  ISBN 9783540713210      £224.00
This book covers trends in modern biotechnology, treating all aspects of this interdisciplinary technology where knowledge, methods and expertise are required from chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, chemical engineering and computer science.

Of interest to: scientists in biomedicine, biotechnology, biochemical/chemical engineering and applied microbiology, as well as research groups in industry.


  • A. Einsele: The Gap between Science and Perception: The Case of Plantbiotechnology in Europe.-
  • A. Schrell, H. Bauser, H. Brunner: Biotechnology Patenting Policy in the European Union - as Exemplified by the Development in Germany.-
  • M. Leisola: Bioscience, bio-innovations and bioethics.-
  • M.P. Oeschger, C.E. Silvia: Genetically Modified Organisms in the United States: Implementation, Concerns and Public Perception.-
  • P. Aerni: Agricultural biotechnology and its contribution to the Global Knowledge Economy.-
  • T. Schlaich, B. Urbaniak, M.L. Plissonnier, N. Malgras, C. Sautter: Exploration and Swiss field testing of a viral gene for specific quantitative resistance against smuts and bunts in wheat.-
  • C. Gessler, A. Patocchi: Recombinant DNA technology in apple.- J.B. Van Beilen, Y. Poirer: Prospects for biopolymer production in plants.-
  • P.A. Vidi, F. Kessler: Plastogobule lipid bodies: their funktions in chloroplasts and their potential for applications.-
  • F. Felber, G. Kozlowski, N. Arrigo, R. Guadagnuolo: Genetic and Ecological Consequences of Transgene Flow to the Wild Flora.-
  • F. Widmer: Assessing Effects of Transgenic Crops on soil Microbial Communities.-
  • O. Sanvido, J. Romeis, F. Bigler: Ecological Impacts of Genetically Modiefied Crops: Ten Years of Field Research and Commercial Cultivation
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