Sulfur in Plants - An Ecological Perspective

Edited by Hawkesford, Malcolm J.; De Kok, Luit J. 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  264 pp  ISBN 9781402058868      £117.00
Combining an ecosystems approach with new insights at the molecular and biochemical level, this book presents the latest findings on how plants respond, physiologically, to sulfur in their environment. It explores key areas - such as biotic and abiotic interactions, adaptations to fluctuating supply, and sulfur's role in plant metabolic networks - to assess the functions and implications of this essential plant nutrient in a range of natural, semi-natural and anthropogenic environments.

Leaders in the field, Hawkesford and de Kok, draw together an international group of experts in plant sulfur nutrition, to collate and integrate new information from molecular biology, ecology and physiology. The result is an important new reference on the relationships between plants and sulfur at all levels - including contributions arising from recent 'omic' approaches. With implications for issues such as agriculture, forestry, water management and ecosystem restoration, this book is relevant to a wide audience, from graduate level students and researchers, to policy makers and practitioners.

Of interest to: Researchers and students in plant metabolism, plant ecology, agronomy and environmental sciences



1. Sulfur and plant ecology: a central role of sulfate ransporters in responses to sulfur availability; M.J. Hawkesford.
2. Sulfur interactions in crop ecosystems; S. Haneklaus, E. Bloem and E. Schnug.
3. Sulfur in Forest Ecosystems; M. Tausz.
4. Sulfur in the marine environment; J. Stefels.
5. Atmospheric sulphur; L.J. De Kok, M. Durenkamp, L. Yang and I. Stulen.
6. Sulfur in plants as part of a metabolic network; R. Hoefgen and H. Hesse.
7. Sulfur in resistance to environmental stress; K.A. North and S. Kopriva.
8. Molecular links between toxic metals in the environment and plant sulfur metabolism; A.Sirko and C. Gotor.
9. Sulfur in biotic interactions of plants; R. Hell and C. Kruse.
10. Selenium and its relationship with sulfur; P. White, M.R. Broadley, H.C. Bowen and S.E. Johnson.

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