Alicyclobacillus - Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacilli

Edited by Yokota, A.; Fujii, T.; Goto, K. 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  259 pp  ISBN 9784431698494      £121.00
Thermophilic acidophilic spore-forming bacteria Alicyclobacillus can grow at low pH and at moderately high temperatures such as 40C. Some of the species are known to cause spoilage of acidic beverages and produce medicinal odors. However, they do not produce gas or cause any change in the appearance of the beverage container, and therefore the spoilage is discovered only when the consumer opens and begins to consume the product.

Fortunately, Alicyclobacillus are not pathogenic bacteria, but they are troublesome, not only for consumers but also for beverage producers, because no effective control methods have yet been developed. It is against this background and in recognition of the importance and urgency of the problem that International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Japan has published this book, bringing together new insights on the topic together with research published to date.

Of interest to: Researchers, quality assessment and quality control staff, sales representatives of food companies, trade companies, undergraduate students who study food microbiology


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Historical background related to Alicyclobacillus.

Part 3: Characteristics of Alicyclobacillus.

Part 4: Parameters for detection of Alicyclobacillus and test methods

Part 5: Differentiation and identification of Alicyclobacillus species.

Part 6: Growth profile of Alicyclobacillus in fruit juices.

Part 7: Distribution and epidemiology.

Part 8: Factors of spoilage caused by Alicyclobacillus and preven-tion measures

Part 9: Agencies, associations, NPOs, institutes and researchers involved with Alicyclobacillus


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