The Handbook of Organic and Fair Trade Food Marketing

Edited by Simon Wright and Diane McCrea 
Blackwell  February 2007  

Hardback  312 pp  ISBN 9781405150583      £130.00
The markets for organic and fair trade food are growing rapidly. Although there are some important differences, both seek to address the consumer desire for "better" food: fair trade because it offers economically disadvantaged producers a better financial return; organic because it is perceived to be a more sustainable system delivering better-tasting, healthier and safer food than that produced by non-organic methods.

The Handbook of Organic and Fair Trade Food Marketing provides a practical guide to successful marketing in these two dynamic sectors, underpinned by case-histories and lessons from companies that have been successful in these areas, including Green & Black's, Yeo Valley and Duchy Originals. It includes a review of the international markets for organic and fair trade food and drink; an analysis of organic and fair trade consumers; a review of successful retailing practice and a section on organic and fair trade divergence and convergence. Chapters are also included on perspectives from the USA, Germany and Italy. The book is written by industry experts, augmented by academic contributions where appropriate, offering for the first time the practical marketing advice required by companies in this sector


Foreword by Justin King, Group Chief Executive, Sainsbury's

1. The international market for organic and fair trade food and drink - Amarjit Sahota, Organic Monitor, London, UK

2. The organic consumer - Martin Cottingham, Marketing Director, Soil Association, Bristol, UK

3. The fair trade consumer - Harriet Lamb, Fairtrade Foundation, London, UK

Successful organic and fair trade brands

4. Case history: Yeo Valley - Graham Keating, Yeo Valley Farms, Blagdon, Bristol, UK

5. Case history: Green & Black's - Craig Sams, President, Green and Blacks, Hastings, UK

6. Case history: Abel & Cole - Ella Heeks, Abel & Cole, London, UK

7. Case history: Clipper Tea - Lorraine Brehme, Bridport, Dorset, UK

8. Case history: Duchy Originals - Petra Mihaljevich, Duchy Originals, East Twickenham, UK

9. Case history: Sainsbury's SO Organic - Ruth Bailey, Senior Brand Manager: Organics, Sainsbury's Supermarkets plc, London, UK

10. Organic and fair trade marketing in Germany - Hubert Rottner, Spalt, Germany

11. Organic and fair trade marketing in Italy - Paola Cremonini, Cremonini Consulting, Bologna, Italy

12. Organic and fair trade marketing in the USA - Elaine Lipson, New Hope Natural Media, Boulder, Colorado, USA

13. Organic / fair trade crossover and convergence - David Croft, Ethical Sourcing Director, Cadbury's, London, UK and John Bowes, Cumbria, UK

Further resource: Useful organic and fair trade websites Simon Wright, O&F Consulting, London, UK

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