Phycotoxins: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Edited by Luis Botana 
Blackwell  June 2007  

Hardback  368  ISBN 9780813827001      £135.00
Phycotoxins: Chemistry and Biochemistry presents the most updated information available on phycotoxins. Major emphases are given to chemistry and biochemistry, while minor emphases are given to the aspects of origin, toxicology, or analytical methodology. The book discusses 16 phycotoxins, 7 on those affecting the nervous systems, 4 affecting other body systems; and 4 with undefined targets.

An alphabetical listing of toxins presented includes: Azaspiracids; Brevetoxins; Cyanobacterial toxins; Domoic acid; Gambierols; Gymnodimines, prorocentrolides, spirolides, pinnatoxins and cyclic imines in general; Maitotoxin; Okadaic acid and dinophysistoxins; Palytoxins and ostreocins; Pectenotoxins; Polycavernosides; and Yessotoxins. In addition, several mechanistic aspects of newer or emerging toxins are covered such as amphidinols or gymnocine. Information presented and coverage of each toxin follows the following distribution: background and toxicology (10%); chemistry, biochemistry and metabolism (75%); mechanism of action (10%); and analytical methodology (5%).

The detailed information on chemistry inthis book provides investigators, regulators, food technologists and toxicologists an updated basis on which research in other areas such as toxicology, mechanism of action, analytical methodology and pharmacology can be successfully developed and expanded.


Brevetoxins: Structure, Toxicology and Origin
Chemistry of Maitotoxin
Biochemistry of Maitotoxin
The Chemistry of Palytoxins and Ostreocins
Biochemistry of Palytoxins and Ostreocins
Chemistry of Cyanobacterial Neurotoxins - Anatoxin-a: Synthetic Approaches
Anatoxin-a and Analogues: Discovery, Distribution and Toxicology
Chemistry, Orgins and Distribution of Yessotoxin and it's Analogues
Pharmacology of Yessotoxin
Chemistry of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning Toxins
The Molecular and Integrative Basis to Domoic Acid Toxicity
Hepatotoxic Cyanobacteria
Structural Assignment and Total Synthesis of Azaspiracid-1
Biochemistry of Azaspiracid Poisoning Toxins
The Cyclic Imines: An Insight into this Emerging Group of Bioactive Marine Toxins

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