Nondestructive Testing of Food Quality

Edited by Joseph Irudayaraj and Christoph Reh 
Blackwell  December 2007  

Hardback  384 pp  ISBN 9780813828855      £125.00
The expert contributors to Nondestructive Testing of Food Quality clearly explain present industry advances and how to turn available instrumentation into valuable assets. Readers learn how the competencies of product knowledge, process understanding, instrumentation, principles of sensing, process control, and analytical methodology are required to turn an application into success.

The broad-based coverage of topics addresses the most dominant sensor technologies keeping in mind the research initiatives advancing these technologies not only in food but also in the pharmaceutical sectors. Coverage includes: ultrasound, near infrared spectroscopy, mid-infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging systems, magnetic resonance imaging, electronic nose, z-nose, biosensors, microwave absorption, and nanoparticles and colloids as sensors.


1. An Overview of Sensor Technology in Practice: The User's View
2. The influence of Reference Methods on the Calibration of Indirect Methods
3. Ultrasound: New Tools for Product Improvement
4. Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in the Food Industry
5. Application of Mid-infrared Spectroscopy to Food Processing Systems
6. Applications of Raman Spectroscopy for Food Quality Measurement
7. Particle Sizing in the Food and Beverage Industry
8. Online Image Analysis of Particulate Materials
9. Recent Advances in Nondestructive Testing with Nuclear Magnetic Resonanace
10. Electronic Nose Applications in the Food Industry
11. Biosensors: A Theoretical Approach to Understanding Practical Systems
12. Techniques Based on the Measurement of Electrical Permittivity

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