Cell Cycle Control and Plant Development

Dirk Inzé 
Blackwell  2007  

Hardback  384 pp  ISBN 9781405150439      £135.00
The cell cycle in plants consists of an ordered set of events, including DNA replication and mitosis, that culminates in cell division. As cell division is a fundamental part of a plant's existence and the basis for tissue repair, development and growth, a full understanding of all aspects of this process is of pivotal importance.

Cell Cycle Control and Plant Development commences with an introductory chapter and is broadly divided into two parts. Part 1 details the basic cell machinery, with chapters covering cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs), cyclins, CDK inhibitors, proteolysis, CDK phosphorylation, and E2F/DP transcription factors. Part 2, which describes the cell cycle and plant development, covers cell cycle activation, cell cycle control during leaf development, endoreduplication, the cell cycle and trichome, fruit and endosperm development, the hormonal control of cell division and environmental stress, and cell cycle exit.

The editor of this important book, Professor Dirk Inzé, well known and respected internationally, has brought together an impressive team of contributing authors, providing an excellent new volume in Blackwell Publishing's Annual Plant Reviews Series. The book is an essential purchase for research teams working in the areas of plant sciences and molecular, cell and developmental biology. All libraries in universities and research establishments where biological sciences are studied and taught should have copies of this essential and timely volume.


1. The growing family of plant cyclin-dependent kinases with multiple functions in cellular and developmental regulation
2. The plant cyclins
3. CDK inhibitors
4. The UPS: an engine that drives the cell cycle
5. CDK phosphorylation
6. E2F-DP transcription factors
7. Function of the retinoblastoma-related protein in plants
8. Auxin fuels the cell cycle engine during lateral root initiation
9. Cell cycle control during leaf development
10. Physiological relevance and molecular control of the endocycle in plants
11. Insights into the endocycle from trichome development
12. Cell cycle control and fruit development
13. Cell cycle and endosperm development
14. Hormonal regulation of cell cycle progression and its role in development

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